Ask-a-Geologist #1: How Much Chemistry is Involved in Geology?

Hi everyone, I’m Tracy Barnhart, the professional
geologist here at Mini Me Geology. Every week we get great questions on our website about
the study and science of geology. In this new series we’re going to answer your questions
in video to give you more in depth answers so keep those questions coming in. Today’s
question is about chemistry in geology. Okay, today’s question is from Alexandra and
she writes, “How much chemistry is really involved in geology? I’m not that great at
chemistry but I really am interested in geology.” Hi there, Alexandra. Well there is a fair
amount of chemistry in geology, however, don’t let that hold you back from studying and becoming
a geologist. In general, you’re going to learn about the different elements that make up
various minerals and if you’re in environmental geology you’ll learn about different chemicals
that can impact our soil and ground water. Most colleges will have geology majors take
about a year of basic chemistry classes. It may be a little bit more, a little bit less
depending on your school’s requirements but if you’re going to go into environmental
geology I would also suggest you take at least one semester of organic chemistry that will
help you learn about how they name various chemicals and will help you in your career.
Do not let the chemistry requirement hold you back. If you can handle geology you can
definitely handle chemistry. Remember to keep your questions coming in
through the ask a geologist section of our website or email them to us at [email protected]
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fun. Until next time rock on everybody. Ask-a-Geologist #1 How Much Chemistry is Involved in Geology.