ASHLEIGH CHOV | Forensic Science Research

– My research at the
moment is being studied to be used in forensic analysis. I started this project two summers ago. My name is Ashleigh Chov. I’m a junior majoring in chemistry at the University of South Dakota. I first started out with just learning the know hows of the lab, how do I work in the lab, and now I can actually kind
of do things independently. As for the project itself,
it’s evolved from just being what composition makes
the brightest particles to how can we apply these
now to the real world. Being awarded this grant
will really assist me in being able to spend
more time in the lab instead of worrying about how
many more hours I have to work for my job, its also allowed
me to focus more on my studies so I’ll be able to understand
what’s actually going on in the chemistry that
I’m doing, the basics, the principles and all the theorems, and it really helped me spend more time to understand the concept
in a more deeper way.