AQA 9-1 GCSE Biology Playlist. Revision for paper 1 and paper 2 biology or combined science

hey guys welcome to the AQA Biology playlist in here I have loads and loads of stuff for you we have whole topic videos for all of B1 and all of B2 in not very much time at all and to go with those videos there are in my revision guide (free on my website) student friendly specification statements so you can work out which bits you do know and links to videos that will help you sort out which bits you don’t know loads and loads of key words that you have to learn also all in my revision guide and crosswords to help you do these and then we have the quick fire questions quick fire questions so we can go through them together if you need the pictures or want the pictures filled in they’re in my revision guide (free on my website) and then at the end of this playlist we have the more detailed videos going into things point by point to help you explain any bits that you don’t understand so there’s loads of stuff in here for you growing all the time and if anything you think is missing or core practicals you want done just let me know in the comments below and I’ll try to help you out