Apple – MBiol Biotechnology and Microbiology

I’m from Malaysia – I chose York because
of the flexibility of the course. I think that the course has a
very good tutorial session. It has a small group of 4-5 people compared to most universities
which have like 10-15 people. So it’s more focused and the tutors are
basically researchers at the same time so you get to learn from them,
and they get to learn from you. My tutor inspired me because
his research is based on bioremediation, which is basically cleaning up the environment
using microbiology and bacteria. He has done research in the US
which is basically researching about plants to take up TNT from the soil,
to remove toxicity from the soil. I think you get more independent,
because if you do independent study, you can learn more about your passion
and something other than the books
and the Powerpoint slides.