Anthropology of New Start: Camille and Nadia

Music Hi, my name is Nadia. Hi, my name is Camille. And we are the Peer Advisor Student Coordinators for New Start this summer. I would play with my dog more. He’s so cute and so much energy. I just can’t keep up with him during the day. Um, I think I would workout more probably. Just because right now it’s really busy, and I just have time to workout in the mornings. So maybe I would have time to do something more fun at night, like playing basketball or other sports I like. I would be Olaf from Frozen. He’s the cutest little thing you’ll ever see, and you can’t help but smile when you look at him. I think I would be Dory, just from Finding Nemo. Just because she forgets everything, but it’s always okay that she forgets. And right now I feel like if I forget something, it’s not okay so I want it to be okay. Crowd cheering “yay” I would want to master public speaking just because I feel like you practice, you practice but there’s still something that you need to work on. So it would be great to be perfect at it. I would want to master not being so busy. It’s so easy to overbook yourself and want to do everything with everyone. But I feel like I’m not very good at coordinating that. Crowd clapping Christmas Laughing Halloween I just lay in bed and talk to my friends and family. I love to go get Boba smoothies. They’re so good, and I’m so obsessed with Boba right now. Cartoon boing And we are… Laughter Phone ringing Laughter