Anthropology MA at ISU

I’d always dreamed of engaging the world
in some way. I never knew how simple that could be with a Master’s degree in Anthropology. Anthropological work explores a lot of issues. Everything from race to refugees, culture to climate change. We want to explain the
fascinating complexities of culture: today and in the past. My two-year program started with individually-crafted coursework and one-on-one collaboration with an advisor to create a path of study built with my personal
interests in mind. By the way, most of my cohort got great funding by working as teaching and research assistants. I spent a summer doing field research on my topic and started building my expertise. In the end I wrote an original thesis
that showcased my intensive work. I was so blown away by the fantastic faculty and the insight that they offered along the way. They truly helped me create
something amazing. I developed my passion with a Master’s degree in Anthropology
at Iowa State University. My next step? The world.