Anthropology Evidence 2

I think that if, indeed, it is very important that future generations know about the Catholic faith, because right now the scarcity of values is the order of the day , I do not doubt that in other religions, they will also be taught by those who are the values, but I’m going to talk about the Catholic religion which is what I know, where I am, for me it is very important especially because I have children, teenagers, young people, who are testimonies, that in the group that we as parents have given and inculcated they have followed him, I see for example today, many young people without direction, without path, in drugs, vices, or not just vices, but doing nothing, simply the school and fun . When young people are sent to a religion, when they are taught that faith, when they are convinced, they follow the easiest path, they protect themselves more, they have more values , we can prevent more accidents, I do not say that they are exempt, but they have more like defending oneself, because people who are empty, who do not have values especially that there are many dysfunctional marriages, who do not know the children where to go, if they are with their faith deeply rooted, if they have faith in Jesus, in the Virgin Maria, it is easier for them to lead their lives.