Anatomy of the Spleen (preview) – Human Anatomy | Kenhub

Hello, everyone! This is Joao from Kenhub,
and welcome to another anatomy tutorial where, this time, I’m going to be talking about none
other than the spleen. And to do so, I’m going to be essentially exploring these two
images that you see here on the screen. So, on the left side, we’re looking at the diaphragmatic
surface of the spleen and here we see then on the right side, the visceral surface of
the spleen. The spleen happens to be a forgotten, one
of those forgotten, organs that sometimes you ask what is, what does it do, and here
right now, we have the highlighted spleen from an anterior view of the abdomen where
you see a little bit of the liver here retracted, and the pancreas, a little bit of the colon,
and we just have a few cuts here because we just removed a few structures so we can then
expose the spleen. So, what is exactly the spleen and what does
it do? It is the largest immunological… Hey guys, as you can see, this video is a
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