Anatomy of a Vulva (The Southern Lady Garden: Ep. 2)

Hey y’all! Welcome to The Southern Lady Garden! Today, we’re going to be discussing proper anatomy, as well as terminology that people use, and also an awesome question that we got from a client that read “Is it gonna burn my clit?” sooooo… First of all, I want to address the anatomy of the area that we sugar during a Brazilian Contrary to what most people call it this is Not a vagina This is actually called a vulva so The vagina is just one part of the vulva the boa is Everything down there, all the private parts Except for your booty… so that being said The vagina is right here. Y’all like my pointer? The urethra is right here and the clit is right here As you can see, we’ve got the inner labia and the outer labia there. I don’t know if this is how Georgia O’Keeffe thought we were going to be Using her artwork for but isn’t it beautiful And so as you can see the hair is around it This is what we get. We get all of this hair. So now you never have to worry about Your clit being burned. That would be a terrible thing Although sometimes there is hair sort of on the inside of the outer labia. We get nowhere close to any of the fun stuff in the middle So thank you for your question anonymous client! The answer is NO! Now, the second part to her question was, is sugar gonna go up my vag? and I am Saying this, like, verbatim Because it was an awesome text message from a beloved client. So as you can see… …no, the sugar is not going to go up your vagina. It’s right here in the middle. It’s all good. You’re safe Going back to the first question as far as Burning your clit again, no, it’s not gonna burn your clit but also it is not going to burn is any part of you because the sugar is room temperature… body temperature at the highest So you actually never have to worry about getting burned with sugar. We actually hold it in our hand Albeit a gloved hand, but we can feel the exact temperature of the sugar So you really do never have to worry about burning, or the Unfortunate side effects of burning like scars and other Traumatic experiences that people have had with wax. Sugar is so much more gentle And we control it. We’re trained very well and we control it from Getting into the middle part of your vulva. Thank you so much for watching! We’ll see you next time on The Southern Lady Garden! Please like and subscribe!