Alumni Inspiration: Shineya Sabaranjan, BSc Mathematics and Economics, Sri Lanka

[music] The degree I chose because I’m someone who loves maths. I thought that mathematics and economics was a great combination. Receiving the academic direction from LSE was a great opportunity Because it is a well renowned university and they have great professors, lecturers. And being able to receive study materials which were written by the lecturers here. I think it was great. The local institution I attended was Royal Institute of Colombo which had really good lecturers Professors, who we were able to build a close relationship with And who were always willing to help out solve any doubts that you have. After graduating, I started working as a business analyst at this company called MAS Holdings. I applied only for two places and I got this right away. I think it has a lot to do with what I learned And also the fact that I received the degree from the University of London. I would recommend the University of London And I have already done that to a few of my friends because University of London does not compromise on the standards just because you’re learning from a different country. Also because it is a prestigious degree and it’s a great opportunity to receive it while being able to study from home with your friends and family. When I received my First Class It was a really joyous moment because, one thing was it was unexpected, but it was also something that I worked towards. To receive that at the end was a great feeling. [music]