Alkaline Case Study: From Exhausted to Running Marathons – Polycystic Kidneys & Chronic Fatigue

Yeah, I’ve known for probably
25, maybe 27 years that I have polycystic kidneys. ♪ [music] ♪ So the prognosis was that gradually,
my kidney function would reduce over my life until such time that I would need a
transplant. So one of the side effects I was told of that is that I would gradually
have less and less energy, I guess, until the point that…yeah.
That I’d be struggling. I’ve got three beautiful children.
They’re now…my oldest is 14 and she is a girl, and I have boy/girl twins
that are 12, as well. And the kids, they’re a handful. They’re busy.
They’re full-on, especially the twins who actually have an autism diagnosis.
I guess I knew I had a problem, my twins were about six and
I found myself one morning spending 45 minutes to get the kids into the car to
get to school. And I was exhausted by the time I left the house. So I walk
into school 40 minutes late, everyone is just watching me, judging
me, and I thought, “I need help. I can’t go on like this.” All the time, I’m always looking
for new ways to improve myself and at some stage, I stumbled
across your website and then I think the first day I had a breakfast
smoothie I thought, “This can’t be all I need until morning tea. It can’t be.”
But it was. It was a totally different feeling. There’s no
bloating or anything. It was just…I can’t describe it.
It was just an amazing feeling. I was having two or three of those a day
and my energy levels would sustain. It didn’t end. There was no end to the
energy. I felt just as good before I went to bed as I did when I got up and that’s
made a huge change for me. I noticed that my joints weren’t aching
anymore. I thought, “Wow.” Because I’d been told by my GP, “Don’t run
because your knees are no good. They’re worn out.” That’s another
reason to run for me, yeah. Someone told me I can’t do something,
I go out and do it. So, yeah, and then I noticed that my skin cleared
up. I had this, you know, rosacea. I had it pretty bad most of the time.
It was all red and blotchy and pimples and things like that, and that just…it
didn’t go away totally but you can’t notice it. And that was, you know, an
awesome feeling. I met a guy at I think it was Parkrun. He said something about
running a 10k and I signed up for that and completed that, and then someone else who
had just done a half-marathon and they said, “Well if you can do a
half-marathon, you can do a full marathon.” And I thought, “Really?
You’re kidding me?” I was blown away. I thought, “I’ve always wanted to do
that.” In the meantime, you know, I had to…I had my annual appointment
with my specialist and I mentioned it to him at the appointment. He said,
“Don’t do it.” I said, “Why?” He said, “Healthy people die doing marathons.
You’ve got polycystic kidneys.” I said, “So? I know what
I’m doing.” I had no idea. ♪ [musc] ♪ I chose a nice, flat marathon and I
finished under five hours. I now can see that I’ll have energy until
whenever. I can’t see an end to it really. I’m just getting stronger and stronger
every day. I’m actually training for my first local marathon now. I always
said if they had one here I’d do it. So I’m training for that
and I’m pretty excited. ♪ [music] ♪