Adventures Off Campus for Under $10: Olbrich Botanical Gardens

Hey guys! If you’re a broke student like me,
it can be kind of hard to find fun things to do around town. There are a bunch of great
places on State and along University, but after a while it all gets a little repetitive.
Fortunately, we live in an awesome city that has wonderful public transportation and a
lot to offer. In order to help you explore Madison on the cheap, I’m starting a series
of videos that feature interesting, fun and affordable places to visit. Today we’re going
to the Olbrich Botanical Gardens. The gardens are on the East Side, right at the top of
Lake Monona. During the week, you can take the #3 bus to get there, and on the weekends
you can grab the 7. Either way, the trip is direct. The gardens themselves are free. That’s
right, free! Olbrich’s fourteen outdoor gardens are award-winning and feature some amazing
sustainable and local plants and flowers. Each garden is like its own little world.
You can’t see one from the other, and things change here from week to week. I mean, really,
every week different things are blooming. It looks different especially every month,
every season. Inside, the Bolz conservatory is two stories of lush greenery that will
warm you up even during an awful Wisconsin winter. It really is just like, you come here,
and it’s calm and quiet, and it’s beautiful. And you can get away and just enjoy some time
with nature right in the city. People are always surprised, when they come to Madison,
that we have this garden here. It may be smaller than some of the big gardens like New York
and some of the famous ones, but the quality of everything we have here and what we do
is outstanding.