Adam Ruins Everything – Why Anatomy Was Taught Incorrectly For 1000 Years | truTV

Medical colleges
during the Renaissance taught what
they thought to be the most respected
medical science of the time. The only problem,
lots of it was wrong. Back then, the ultimate
authority on human anatomy was a Greek physician
by the name of Galen. His work had
dominated the field for over a thousand years,
and Vesalius was a fan. Whoa, you like Galen too? Hell, yeah.
Galen rules. (professor)
Welcome to medical school. Lesson one will be on Galen, lesson two
will focus on Galen, and lesson three,
we will pivot 360 degrees to… Galen. (Adam)
Teachers at the time
literally thought it was more important
to study Galen’s books than the human body itself,
so much so that when they did
dissections in school, the Professor would just
read a commentary on Galen and an assistant
would point things out as a surgeon
chopped up the body. The professor never
even looked inside! Now we will
remove the heart. (students ohing) Whatever you’re
looking at is the heart. (students ahing) Uh, I love him too, but aren’t you going to
check if Galen is right? (students gasping) As if he’d ever be wrong. He’s Galen!
(laughing) (laughing) (laughing)
Idiot. (Adam)
After graduating at the age of 23, Vesalius was given the job of
Professor of Anatomy and Surgery and started
doing his own research, which is when
he started to suspect that Galen wasn’t as perfect
as everyone thought. They may laugh,
but I’m going to do my own dissections
and observations. Let’s see. Strange. Galen says there are
two bones in the lower jaw, but there is very clearly
only one. Well, simple mistake! (cat yowls) Hmm. Galen says there are
five lobes on a liver, but I see only two. What is happening? (Adam)
Vesalius went on to identify
more than 200 instances where Galen got some aspect
of basic anatomy dead wrong. This breast bone has
three segments, not seven! Major blood vessels start
in the heart, not the liver! Could it be Galen,
the father of human anatomy, never dissected a human? No! No! You’re a liar! I hate you! I
hate you, Galen! (Adam)
Vesalius finally concluded that Galen had done
his dissections on monkeys, dogs,
and other animals and simply theorized
that humans were similar. Humans have two jaw bones,
soft floppy ears, and their stomachs
are full of bananas! (Adam)
And this incorrect anatomy had been taught to physicians
for over a thousand years!