Adam Ruins Everything- Adam Ruins Everything Corrects ITSELF! | truTV

you’ve gotten things
wrong. Wait, are you gonna do
a correction segment? I’ve always wanted
to do one of those! Well, let’s see
how ya like it! Exhibit A, “Adam Ruins
Forensic Science.” You claimed
that DNA was the only foolproof
type of evidence. The killer’s DNA is all over
this crime scene. We’ll know for certain
who killed this man. (cell door closing, slams) But according
to new research, DNA evidence can suffer
from the same problems as other forensic science,
such as incomplete samples and crime scene
contamination. (sneezes) My bad. When German police
found matching DNA at 40 different
crime scenes, they concluded it was
a serial killer called the Phantom
of Heilbronn. (German accent)
Mein Gott!40 crimes, 40 cotton swabs
with the same DNA? What a ruthless killer. (Emily)
It turned out, that matching DNA
was actually from a woman at the factory that made
the cotton swabs. ♪♪ This will make it clean for my nice police officers. So, face it,
DNA evidence isn’t foolproof. You’re ruined. Wow. Thank you
for bringing this up! It’s true.
Since that episode aired, we have learned that DNA evidence is not infallible. And even though it’s still an amazing tool, we need to use it
carefully and think about it critically.
Wha–! Hey, bud, so,
all this is on-camera… so you shouldn’t be
so happy about being wrong, ’cause people will think that
you don’t care about the facts. Oh, I really care
about the facts. That’s why I’m excited
for this. Hit me with
another one. Okay. (clears throat) (gasps)
Oh, this one’s a doozy! You specifically said that air marshals
stop terrorist attacks. (Emily)
That just ain’t true. Between 2001
and 2008, air marshals didn’t make
one arrest related to terrorism. Ugh, why are there never
any terrorists to shoot? (whining)
I’m bored. The few arrests they do make are drunk people and celebrities
who won’t get off their phones. A-ha! Gotcha! And we’re paying
through the nose for it. Taxpayers spent
$800 million on air marshals in 2014 alone. And since they only make
around four arrests per year, that’s about $200 million
per arrest. Air marshals
are so ineffective, one member of Congress
has even called for the program
to be abolished. Wow, yep.
Sounds like we were definitely
wrong on that one. (all gasp) Adam… hey, man, be cool.
This is a steady gig. Don’t go ruining
your credibility by admitting mistakes. Oh, no, that’ll just
increase our credibility. Hit me with another one, Emily! You sure about that?
Okay. (clears throat) Remember that segment
on electric cars? Whew! People didnot
like that one. Adam, you know I love you
like a weird friend of my wife, but you were wr-wr-wr-wrong when you said that no one
should ever buy a Tesla. Elon Musk is a super brainiac, and Teslas are totally saving
the planet. Tesla! So stop taking money from “big oil,” and a do a little something called research. (woman)
Babe, what are you doing? Uh, looking at naked photos! (whispering)
Please subscribe. Okay, I know Tesla fans
didn’t love that one, but our argument was actually
more nuanced than that. First of all, our source
wasn’t the oil industry, it was scientists
and environmental groups. And their data shows that in some cases, buying a brand-new
electric car can actually increase
your carbon footprint. But that doesn’t mean
that no one should ever buy one. In fact, our expert in
that episode said the opposite. (man) If you really want to help save the environment, the best thing you can do
is to reduce the amount you drive,
and to drive your current car as long as possible, provided it’s reasonably
efficient. But if your car
is beyond repair and you absolutely need
to buy a new one, then go ahead, buy yourself a nice, small electric car,
perhaps even a used one. (button clicks) (Adam)
Look, we don’t hate
electric cars. Our goal was to show
how even green products affect our carbon
footprints. In this case,
our facts weren’t wrong. Our point was just
misunderstood. Ah, but since
it’s your show, that’s on you.
You should have been clearer. I mean, the title
of the video was… Do you wonder why people
got the wrong idea? Yeah, you’re right. If that many people
misread our argument, that means
we should have done a better job
explaining it. Doing nuance on TV is hard,
but that’s my job, so in the future
I’ll try to be better. Okay, have you ever actually
seen your own show? Because you’re supposed
to be getting upset. That’s how everyone knows
I’m doing a good ruin. One minute till act break. Ooh, lightning round! In an “Ever Wonder Why?”
segment, you said
the Empire State Building was 12,000 feet tall. Oh, yeah, that one
was really embarrassing. It’s actually a little
over 1,200 feet tall. I guess we added
a zero somehow. In “Adam Ruins Football,”
you referred to a lineman but pointed at
a linebacker. I still can’t tell the difference. Don’t let him
get to you, Todd. And one time, you showed snowflakes
that have eight sides, but they almost always
have six. Sorry, Jorge. So there
you have it, Adam. I have proved that
your show makes mistakes! Okay, why aren’t you
storming off? I mean, I’m starting
to feel like you don’t like
my present. No, of course I do!
Because you’re right, we have gotten
a few things wrong. But that doesn’t ruin
our show at all. Look, this is
our research team. They spend every day
calling experts, combing through sources
and fact-checking scripts to ensure that
the information we present on this show
is as close to the truth
as possible. But, they’re also human, and humans sometimes
make mistakes. (computer beeps) But this entire show
is predicated on you being truthful
and honest. Right! And it wouldn’t be truthful
to claim we’re infallible. The intellectually
honest thing to do is to be transparent
about our process and public
about our mistakes. That’s why we put our sources on-screen, and why we admit
when we can do better. The point of our show isn’t to be right every time. It’s to encourage
the audience to question what
they think they know and, if we’re lucky,
to change a few minds. Well, then,
I guess you’re ready