7: The Worst Day Of My Life | Overshadowed

Sorry I’ve been AWOL
for the past couple of days. Mum sent me here to buy yoghurt. They sell them, like,
by the kilo here. Why buy one kilo of yoghurt
when you can buy ten? Gross. We are in the confectionary aisle! Confectionary. Sounds a bit like infectionary. Don’t. Look, but don’t touch. IMOGENE SIGHS She was like, “Imogene,
buy anything you want. “Any food that takes your fancy.” Nice try, Mum! Ooh, I wonder how many flapjacks
I could buy for £40. Flapjacks are the worst. They’re entirely sugar,
salt and saturated fat but just because of the oats they
have this rep as a health snack. Put it back! Aha! Full-fat jackpot. Shit! Fuck. Ugh. Leave it. God, I should clean this up. I said
leave it. Are you doing OK there? Excuse me, are you all right?
BREATHES RAPIDLY Well, gang, I am back in school
and, God, I did not miss this place. BELL RINGS
IMOGENE SIGHS Oh, great. Ugh, forget those bitches. We’re better off. Yeah. I am literally counting down
the days until I can get my exams over with
and get the hell out of here. Finally, I have tracked down
the illusive Monsieur Dwyer. Wayne, what’s good? How’s life? Shit. Fascinating, let’s find out more.
I’m not in the mood, OK? Oh, what’s up with you? Stop
grilling me, all right? All right! Sorry, it’s just stuff at home. What, your mam? She doing your head in?
Mothers, huh? I don’t want to talk about it, OK? Let’s talk about you for a change. Good weekend? Yeah, it was pretty good, thanks. Just chilling out.
It’s not what I heard. What? Word on the street is you locked
yourself in Rose’s bathroom on Friday night and had
a complete spaz attack. What? That’s not true.
Who told you that? Does it matter? Why is it everyone
in this place obsessed with spreading fucking rumours
about me? For fuck’s sake, Imo.
They’re not out to get you. Your friends are worried about you.
I’m worried about you. I didn’t ask anyone to be
worried about me. You’re sick. Look, why can’t you just admit it? Everyone else seems to know it
apart from you. Wayne, I’m not sick, I’m fine.
Like, I don’t get it. Do you just not care? It’s really fucking dangerous,
starving yourself. It fucks with your bones –
like, loads of people die from it. What, Dr Google doing
a bit of scientific research? It’s not funny, Imogene. You don’t even want to get better,
do you? Maybe I don’t. I can’t do this any more, Imogene. I can’t just stand by and watch you
do this to yourself. My mum is dying, OK?
Her liver is fucked. I’m not just going to sit around and watch another person
self-destruct, man. I can’t do it. Look, Wayne. Wait. Look, I’m sorry about your mum,
I really am, but I just don’t see
what it has to do with us? Goodbye, Imo. Look after yourself. Or not. Whatever. Where the fuck are they? Oh, I really need to find
my fucking trainers. Why are you always such a mess? I literally don’t understand
where they’ve disappeared to, it drives me insane.
Where the fuck are they? Try underneath your uniform? Thank Christ! 16K day. So, guys. I’m going to try to do
16K today. “I’m going to try!” I’m definitely going to do
16K today. Thank you. That’s my girl. IMOGENE SOBS I can’t do it. I can’t do it today.
I have no energy. Stop crying. Don’t make this day any worse
than it already is. You know running’s the only thing
that will make you feel better. I’m just so tired. Get up! Excuse me, while I run off
the worst day of my fucking life. Imogene, love… I’m going out.
Can I have a word with you, please. Oh, here we go. Later.
Come into the front room, please. I said I’m going out.
No, you’re not. We’ve talked about this, there’s
going to be no more running. This is ridiculous. Dad, what the hell? Hey, sweetheart. Well, isn’t this
a cosy little family affair? This is not good. We need to have a chat. All of us. Thanks, Mum, but I’d rather poke
my eyes out with sticks. Imo, please, stop being like this. Whatever they want to say,
it can wait. Look, I know this is the last thing
you want to hear right now, Imogene, but we all need to sit down
and have a proper conversation, OK? What are you doing here, Dad? Well, I’m here
because I’m your father and cos I’m concerned about you.
You’re not well, baby. What do you mean I’m not well?
Your health is deteriorating. We are really worried about you. Ignore them. 16K, we’re out of here.
Piss off, Mum. I don’t have to stand here
and listen to this. I have tried so hard to talk to you,
Imogene, to get through to you, and you simply refuse
to listen to me. Maybe because she’s full of shit. So I felt I had no choice
but to do something about it. How do you think this makes me feel? Looking at you doing this
to yourself. It is breaking my heart. Now, this thing, this condition, it is every parent’s worst
nightmare. You’re a joke, do you know that?
Well, hang on a second, Imogene. Do you even realise how hard, how difficult this has been
for your mother? OK, your behaviour, by all accounts,
has been completely unreasonable, you’ve been rude,
you’ve been selfish, and not only to your mother but to your baby sister, as well –
do you even realise that? As if you even give a shit
how anyone treats mum or Tara! You’re the one who left us
for a younger model. How dare you come here
and lecture me on being selfish? This isn’t about Mum or Dad, Imo.
This is about you. Please, just listen to us,
we want you to be OK. Back-stabbing bitch.
How dare you gang up on me? You’re a fucking snake, Tara.
That’s enough, Imogene. Enough. OK, look, look, I know
what I’m talking about, OK? You don’t have a fucking clue
what you’re talking about. You need help. They need help. This whole freak show family
needs help. You do not need help. Baby, you need professional help. What, have you come here
to counsel me, Dad? We’ve arranged an appointment
at a hospital. What?! No. No.
Hospital is the wrong word. It’s a clinic. No! This is not up for discussion. This is not happening. Just because she’s bailed
at every diet under the sun doesn’t mean she can put you away.
She’s jealous. Look. Look. I… I don’t know
what kind of fictitious disease you think that I have. There is nothing fictitious
about this. They want to lock you up. This is going to do you the world
of good, OK? You’re not going! Now, it’s a residential place. You can take a break from all this
exercise, from home, from school. You’re taking me out of school?
Only for the time being. Well, what about my exams?
You can resit them. You can repeat the year if needs be.
No way! No way! Now, school is not important.
Your health is all that matters. It’s not that bad, Imo. You know, I’ve looked it up
and they’ve helped loads of girls. I’ve packed a case for you,
we’re checking you in this evening. I’m not going! You’re not going! Imo, please,
you’re not thinking straight, OK? I love you and I feel like
I don’t know you any more. You know I feel like
I’m losing my sister. Please, this disease,
it’s a monster. Tell her to go fuck herself. Go fuck yourself, all of you!
Imogene! We need to get out of here, now. This is not up for debate. This is for your best interest,
Imogene. Go. Go! Go! We need to do something. No, wait! Imogene, get back here! TARA: Imo, wait! No, leave me alone. Imo! Imo, where are you going? Imo?! Leave me alone! Imo, wait. Imo! BRAKES SCREECH
DULL THUD Tara! No! Tara! Oh, no! She ran out
straight in front of me. IMOGENE CRIES HYSTERICALLY
Tara! Shit. Shit. Shit. OK, I’ll call an ambulance. Tara!