6 mistakes that made food history Anthropology of food

Culinary errors that made history Since The primordial man accidentally
dropped his hunting flesh into the fire quite a few familiar and beloved
foods Were unintentionally created So what really happened
in the Tattan sisters’ kitchen
and why did the New York cook
sliced the potatoes so thin? We are
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And we are
starting right now – The founding event,
which may have become the symbol
of the culinary mistakes of all time,
took place in the kitchen of
the sisters Tatin, in the 1880s The two sisters
ran a modest hotel in a small village
south of Paris and cooked meals
for their guests in the hotel restaurant One of them wanted to spoil
her guests with apple tart but forgot to Pad the pattern with dough
before placing the apples, sugar and butter It was only after the apples had grown so
creamy that she discovered the circle of loose dough
on the worktop The experienced cook did not get confused,
took the pan out of the oven Put the dough on the apples and put it all
in the oven for another baking The successful result is turned on a plate
– and the rest is history first popsicleis attributed to an 11-year-old
gifted entrepreneur from San Francisco named Frank Eferson In the cold
winter of 1905, the boy had left
a glass of raspberry juice (or perhaps some other soft drink)
on the porch of his house
for the night, The next day
he discovered that the glass
had been frozen, and the drink
that had turned to ice had come
out of it completely, attached to the stick. Nine years later he made it a patent there is no basis for this –
and there is evidence of icebergs-like delicacy
as early as the 19th century Even if Eferson
Maybe was not the first to
make ice candies But
he was the first to exploit
the invention for industrial and commercial
production of the delicacy The first
iceberg produced and patented by
The patent maker of the United States
For Popsicle company in 1924 The name Popsicle
is still a generic name in the United States
for sweet icebergs chocolate chip cookies
The name of Ruth Wakefield, the owner of a rest house in Massachusetts,
Was known because of her chocolate cookies One day, as she stirred
the ingredients into cookies, the excellent baker
discovered that the cocoa she had
used had run out. With great resourcefulness,
she broke ordinary chocolate into
small pieces and added them to the dough Wakefield expected the
chocolate to melt during baking
and unite with the rest of the ingredients
but the pieces remained The result everyone loved,
and continue to love to this day Her cookbook, which came out in 1936,
fed the recipe for chocolate chip cookies and soon became popular in American kitchens During World War II,
American soldiers from Massachusetts, who received packets of chocolate chip
cookies from their families, exchanged them with soldiers from other countries. Soon the soldiers asked their families to
prepare these cookies as well,
and Wakefield was flooded with requests from all over the world to ask for her recipe. Thus began the world-wide madness about the
chocochip cookies Fries
The crisp fries were born in George Kran’s kitchen
An African-American chef at a restaurant in Saratoga Springs New York on the year 1853 Potato chips were one
of the restaurant’s most popular dishes, until one customer complained that the
slices were too thick Karan made thinner slices, fried them,
but the customer was still not satisfied When the plate full of fries
returned to the kitchen for the third time, the angry cook sliced the potatoes so thin
that it was impossible to stick a fork after they had crispy frying To his surprise, the thrilled customer
not only did not get upset – he praised the result and spread the word Karan’s crisps were packed in bags, sold throughout New England and
had great commercial success In the year 1894 Dr. John Kellogg and his brother, Will Keith, ,were perhaps the First health
promoters Forcing patients in the sanatorium to have
a severe diet that included abstention from meat, alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine / when they cooked
a pot with wheat grains,
they were suddenly called to assist
in an emergency and the pot remained
on the stove When it was rediscovered,
the grains in it were moldy but the brothers decided to
use them anyway They removed
the mold and Flattened the berries
into thin flakes. The flakes were
baked in the oven and served
for breakfast The brothers started
experimented with different grains and
found that the most successful flakes
came from corn / – In light of the success of the flakes,
Will Keith, who was the director of the convalescent home
Persuaded his brother to set up a business for
mass production and marketing of the new food At first, the plant was called
“the baked corn flake company of Battle Creek,” and the company’s first product
was called “Roasted Corn Flakes Despite the success,
John Harvey strongly refused to add sugar to the flakes,
and because of this dispute with his brother and left the business When several more factories
were set up at the Battle Creek, Will Keith changed the name of the company
to Kelogs And added a signature on his packing,
which became the company’s symbol One of the competing factories
that has become a large producer of cornflakes and has survived till today is Post,
which was established By Charles William Post,
who was one of the patients at the convalescent home When Pietro Ferrero, a baker from
Piedmont, Italy in 1946 wanted to make a cake with a ganache
He had to use ground hazelnuts instead of chocolate,
whose price was very high A few years later,
when he again prepared the successful coating and mixed it with chocolate,
the cake remained outside in the Italian weather, the cream melted and obtained a texture of the spread Ferrero began to market it as a delicacy
for spreading on bread, but it was only his son, Michele,
who predicted his full potential and launched it as a global brand called Nutella, only twenty years later in 1964 I certainly hope
that I was correct of the historical details
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