Usually, we think that all clever gadgets are made by adults, usually some kind of inventors
or genius scientists. And that`s actually very popular misconception because a lot of
cool things were created by children. In today`s episode we`re not gonna talk about intricate
and super serious things but instead we`ll take a look at some cool, funny and interesting
inventions from kids and adults. Let`sgetstarted! 1. A nine year old boy didn`t like cutting
grass very much so he turned his bicycle into a mower. This guy is a genius.
2. And this little fella found an interesting way to watch Nascar and follow contestants
position on the track. 3. I Asked For An iPad Holder For The Kitchen
And Got A Lego One With “Mom” written On It 4. This little girl loves playing video games
so much she doesn`t want to stop ever. So she made that special kind of water holder
with a straw to keep her hydrated at all times. She dubbed her invention the “Pwning Pouch”.
5. That’s a very nice spoon clamp, isn`t it? Come on, we’ve all been there.
6. That is a brilliant invention. The wrap prevents the pen from rolling off the table.
And the kid who did this is only three years old!
7. When you don’t have an adapter you just gotta improvise. And this kid did some impressive
improve. 8. This one is called read and eat. And it
works! 9. What an interesting solution for a broken
door. 10. When you have terrible allergies, you`ll
come up with all sorts of weird things. 11. I bet now this rider doesn`t have to worry
about rain and snow. 12. One guy wanted to hide from the light,
another one needed a pillow. It`s called mutual aid.
13. When your crib contains more info than a book.
14. For those who falls asleep reading a book in a bath. Perfect.
15. 12 year old Henry hated squeezing toothpaste every single time. So he came up with a kind
of brush that already has some toothpaste inside.
16. Sometimes your food is just too hot, way too hot to put it in your mouth. So it`s like
you have two options then. You either blow or burn your tongue. So check this out. A
six year girl from UK came up with a fork that has an inbuilt fan in it. Pretty sweet,
isn’t it? 17. 11 year old Lila designed a first ever
jalousie lamp. You just pull a lace and the light changes direction.
18. These are very modern and compact glasses with an intricate set of mirrors inside that
lets you see what`s happening behind your back. It`s good for those who are too lazy
to turn their head around. 19. 6 year old Oliver build a high five machine.
If there’s no one to give you high five, get yourself Oliver’s new gizmo and give
and receive high fives whenever you want. 20. 11 year old Mitchell from Canada didn’t
like to waste water so he invented a very cool type of umbrella with a bottle attached
to it. All you gotta do is press a button and the water will come down the filter right
into the bottle. You gotta agree, just like many simple things, this one is genius.
21. And this young little lady came up with a pretty interesting device that lets you
get ahold of all the pringles in the bottle. I mean some of those pringles are very hard
to reach, we all know that. Unfortunately, some Chinese potato chip makers did something
very similar a while back so this one is not exactly original.
22. You don`t need skates, rollers and spring sneakers, all you need is a single pair of
shoes and those three separate elements! 23. Treeleafcatcher. AlthoughI’mnotsureifitworkswhenit`sreal
windy. 24. A nine year girl who loved her grandparents
very much had an idea of making a kind of cane with a radio built into it so that her
grandparents could listen to their radio wherever they go.
25. “My son build himself up a home theatre”. Well, good boy. Maybe one day he`ll build
a real one. 26. Looks like this guy also like watching
clips on his smartphone. Okay, and now let`s have a look at some real
inventive ideas. 27. Baseball fans` imagination has no ceiling.
Very handy, don`t you think? 28. An ironing board with a mirror! That`sprettysweet.
Ladieswillappreciate I`m sure. 29.Hmm… Chopsticksorfork, forkorchopsticks?
Who needs to choose? With this device you have both
30. And this is a fork, a spoon and a toothpick combined.
31. Supermodified picnic table for all. Adults, kids, handicap… Everybody! There`s even
a tiny place for a toddler. Although I think kids might mind that there is a little ass
right in front of their food and drinks. 32. You can hold a few drinks in one hand
with these super cool cups. 33. Arotatingbench. How awesome. If there
was a rain, all you gotta do is turn those upside down by means of a special mechanisms
on the side. I wonder why these aren’t universal yet? I think every city needs em.
34. Nope, this isn’t a riddle nor a game. It`s a kind of wrapping. And it’s very clever
too. You just go over whatever you want to wish the recipient and that’s it.
35. In this shop you can test buggies on almost any possible surface.Whoever came up with
this idea must be a very thoughtful parent. 36. A very clever dentist put “Where’s Wally”
puzzle up on the ceiling to draw kids attention and distract them from teeth treatment.
37. Can you guys guess what’s this little premises is all about? Here is a little tip
for you: it’s in an airport. Alright so you have ten seconds to think and write down
your guesses in the comments! Well, it’s adoggies toilet.
38. The buttons on this display change every time someone uses it. This way, they won’t
be able to see your pin. 39. Another cool way to protect your data.
Security code on this credit card changes every 4 hours, imagine that!
40. In this restaurant you get your fries in a special cone for which there’s a hole
on every table. And there’s a special ketchup compartment in the corner.
41. And in this Danish restaurant they use Lego to keep track of table’s availability.
42. Got snowed in? Not a problem! You can always use this opportunity for the best.
43. Behold! A truck driver’s washing machine! 44. With this chest of drawers your things
will be always be in complete order! 45. Seems like an interesting idea for adults.
Christmas toys with alcoholic beverages. Better put those high up on the tree though where
kids can/t reach them. 46. Each trolley in this supermarket has a
magnifying glass that allows shoppers to read detailed description of the products they’re
interested in. 47. A glass half filled with beer and half
with ice is a genius thing. Especially for countries with hot climate.
48. If only I knew this thing exists, things would have been less complicated.
49. You face all over the trolley bag might look a little intimidating, like in this case,
although it’s quite practical in some sense. 50. Bikeparkingwithaninbuiltpump.
51. This check provides you with the detailed info on the type and value of the calories
you`ve eaten. 52. In the clinic where they treat people
with Alzheimer’s the front door is made to look like a bookcase so that patients remain
indoors. 53. The way I see it, sand clock traffic lights
are awesome and a good supplement for any city.
54. The fridge of your dreams. It’s got rotating shelves. What else is there to ask
for? 55. With these gloves you can forget about
cutting kitchen injuries. Although I wouldn’t test those too much because you just never
know. Alright guys, thank you very much for watching
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