5 New Features on iOS 12

Apple’s newest mobile operating system
is now free to download for all compatible devices. Here are five brand
new features in iOS 12. No.1: Regulate your screen time the new screen Time Feature is to phones what nicotine
gum is to cigarettes…well, sort of. It monitors how much time you spend on your phone. Once you learn which apps and
notifications lure you back to your screen, you can put limits on your phone use with
custom screen time features—just like this. No 2: Turn your phone into a tape measure
(iPhone 6s and up) Apple’s new Measure app helps you determine the precise size of an item using just your phone’s camera. Honestly, this is probably the most useful iOS feature of all time, because who wants to carry
around a tape measure? Here’s how to use it: Tap the large plus
icon to create points in augmented reality. The app will measure real-world
distance between those dots. You can even take a photo to refer to the measurement later. No. 3: Wrangle your notifications iOS 12 makes it easier to manage your daily deluge of alerts. Now they automatically appear grouped together by app
on the lock screen and notification center. Not to mention the new operating system also lets you swipe left on either screen to manage notifications, with options to deliver quietly or
turn off completely. This will keep your phone from sapping your
productivity. No. 4: Have your phone automatically go mute Do Not Disturb mode isn’t new, but it has some new abilities. With iOS 12, Do Not Disturb can spring action based on your calendar and
phone’s location. Here’s how: Press and hold the Do Not Disturb button in the
control center to bring up the pop-up menu. In it, you can mute your phone
during events on your calendar, like your kid’s naptime or a movie date. Or you can program it to deploy when you’re in specific places like your University library. It will automatically end when the event does or when you leave the
location. No. 5: Improved Photos app search In the new Photos app Search tab, you can link multiple search terms, like Ocean and San Francisco. Or use more detailed terms like names of businesses or venues you
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