22 ASMR Triggers | No Talking | Intensely Relaxing Sounds

No Talking ASMR | 22 Triggers | Intensely Relaxing Sounds Only ASMR Video 🎧 Headphones recommended 🎧 ASMR Hand movements in a crinkle shirt ASMR Ear cleaning ASMR Hair brushing ASMR Crinkly plastic ASMR Hair over your ears using in ear binaural microphones A sand art covered Rain Stick Scratching the case of the 3Dio binaural microphone ASMR lid opening sounds. Plastic lids on glass jars ASMR Windy muffs – Making sounds with fluffy microphone wind guards ASMR Hair cutting sounds Tapping on the rim of the 3Dio Freespace Pro II binaural microphone Taking your measurements and writing them down. Sounds only ASMR roleplay ASMR Book tapping A wooden bowl of rice and some chopsticks A tube of lotion and putting it on my hands. Lotion sounds. ASMR Tapping. A wooden bowl Colouring in a Harry Potter sketch book using coloured pencils / crayons Showing you fabrics and making sounds with them. Playing with and making sounds with Crystals Flipping, turning pages of a book Sticky finger sounds Brushing the case of the 3Dio binaural microphone