22 ASMR Tapping Triggers | No Talking | Intensely Relaxing Sounds

22 ASMR Tapping Triggers No Talking ASMR Intensely Relaxing Sounds WhispersRed ASMR ASMR Sequin tapping ASMR Tapping on a Cardboard Box ASMR Tapping on Jewellery, Necklaces Tapping on a cardboard box of tea Slow and speed ASMR tapping on a wooden bowl Light finger nails on a slate tile Tapping on Soaps in the packet and without wrapping Tapping on a Silver Metal Moroccan Lamp Singing Bowl Tapping ASMR light ASMR tapping on glass pots. Plastic and a metal lid Tapping on a Mosaic Coconut bowl Tapping on Skulls. Decorative resin and Quartz Crystal A Soapstone aromatherapy oil burner Decorative Gong Tapping ASMR A beautiful glass and metal box – ASMR Tapping Tapping on a a handmade ceramic mug with a crystal on ❤︎ Tapping on an old wooden memory box with metal details Light tapping sounds on a carved Himalayan Salt Lamp Light tapping sounds on a peaceful crackle glass Buddha Head statue Labradorite Crystal tapping Tapping on a perfume bottle Tapping on a lovely Ceramic Pot with Succulents Sweet dreams ❤︎ Goodnight