2017 West High School Graduation

good afternoon and welcome parents
family and friends to West High School’s 87th commencement ceremony my name is
Mitch McGrath I’m the van highs principle joining us on stage for
today’s ceremony dr. Jennifer Cheatham your superintendent of the Madison
metropolitan school district mr. Alex Froylan chief of schools secondary
secondary education for your Madison metropolitan school districts and mr.
Dean Loomis member of the MMSD Board of Education 2005 West alumna here to
deliver the commencement address Loren Peterson at this time please rise as
West High School’s concert choir performs our star-spangled banner this
will be followed by the procession of the senior class and honor marshals what good afternoon
family friends community members and distinguished guests welcome to the 87th
annual commencement ceremony my name is Seth Thompson principal of
West High School thank you thank you we are here to celebrate our 87th
graduating class Wow that’s history class of 2017 you are now a part of our
long tradition of excellence you’ve made your mark on our school I would like to
take this opportunity to recap the fantastic year we’ve had and brag a bit
about this group I tell you what you are certainly a phenomenal group of scholars
I can’t imagine a finer group of students to end my career with let’s
celebrate this great group of West High scholars with a round of applause we have truly had a great year I shared
the joy and excitement of homecoming by dancing to juju on the beat with our
homecoming court Giselle was a great dance teacher I shared in the giving and
service-oriented spirit of our football players who helped around my house
during my husband’s injury Lulu Terrell Xavier Curtis Simeon BAM you guys are
the best I can proudly boast of the significant academic success of our 24
National Merit finalists and four Presidential Scholars yes that is that’s
phenomenal we celebrated 228 seniors at our Honors Convocation ceremony for
accomplishments ranging from 4.0 GPA to avid scholars and to scholarship award
is it was a truly impressive group I learned about the power of student voice
in discussions about equity with Eliza and Shanice we all sat in awe at the
creative talents of our students during Fine Arts with we cheered our athletic
teams and showed our school spirit with pride we’ve celebrated the
accomplishments of individual athletes attaining Division one scholarships to
the first female well letter sport winner in 31 years tale
our way to represent as many of you already know I’m retiring at the end of
this school year at the end of June I will have been an educator for 37 years
I thank you thank you I’ve been reflecting on my cute career and
contributions to this community my journey actually began at uw-madison
pursuing a course of study to become a dentist now I didn’t get along very well
with chemistry it was not my calling I actually found my calling 30 miles east
of here and a small community called Jefferson it was there that I worked
with my aunt sister Sheila she was the director of st. coletta school that
served students and adults with developmental disabilities it was there
that I found my calling and passion I love teaching I started at our crosstown
rival East High School as a special educator I then supported special
education teachers as a support teacher I pursued by administrative license and
served as the region learning community assistant principal for eleven years and
in fact Regent SLC students you are my last graduating class as an assistant
principal finally I had the privilege of serving as your principal for the last
three years it was not until late in my career that I finally began to realize
how lucky how truly blessed I am and this class of 2017 is what I want to
talk with you about soon you will be deciding your major
or career goals you’ll dream up success houses money cars clothes travel
positions of power whatever that may be signs of success but what about
significance will you ultimately become successful significant or both and
what’s the difference I know a lot of people who believe they are successful
because they have everything they want they have merely added value to
themselves but I have always believed that significance comes when you add
value to others and you can’t have true success without significance I came to
understand that significance is finding your purpose in life growing to your
maximum potential and sowing seeds that benefit others success is indeed a
journey but if you stop at adding value to yourself you miss the reward of
significance it’s a process that requires patience and commitment we live
in an age when only a rare minority of individuals desire to spend their lives
in pursuit of objectives bigger than they are my husband and I recently read
an article by John Maxwell he writes with success my influence is limited
with significance my influence is unlimited success can last a lifetime
significance last generations when you love what you do and feel that it is
making a difference in the lives of others that is an elusive combination
only a rare few achieve so class of 2017 this is my wish for you I see such great
potential and hope for your futures and the impact that you will have on our
community our city our nation and our world so I had the good fortune to be
guided and influenced by great teachers mentors supervisors and colleagues I’ve
had the good fortune to love every job I have fulfilled I’ve been blessed to have
success while pursuing significance I’ve had the good fortune to get to know you
class of 2017 I leave this school year and professions
knowing that I’ve worked hard and done my best for each and every one of you so
it is now your turn to become the Regents you were meant to be I wish you
the best as you pursue your passions success and significance and always
remember west is this thang so we will now hear from our speakers
who are introduced by students that they selected Joseph if you want to come up good afternoon
families friends faculty and 20:17 graduates I had the great privilege to
introduce to you our first speaker mm iris Emmy is a role model friend to all
and leader in all aspects of her life I first met Emmy when I came to her
house to play Mario Kart in eighth grade not only did she beat me three times in
a row but she made sure I wouldn’t forget it from that moment on I knew it was better
to have her on my team than be against her thus starting our long loving roast
filled friendship Emmy was this year’s president of Leo club a tutor for West
honor guard and worked behind the scenes as administration crew head for fine
arts week and the plays throughout high school and we took six AP classes and
maintained a 3.9 GPA she is also a four-time varsity letter winner and
state qualifier for swimming and has earned all-american and academic
all-american recognition next year she will go on to tsun4 Kenyon College a
liberal arts school in Ohio all that might sound good but the greatest thing
about Emmy is that I went to homecoming with her junior year and even though we
both knew it she didn’t say I was an awful dancer I mean I wish you the best
in all you do and I hope that others get to experience our friendships just as I
have without further to do mm iris hi everyone I’m Emmy when I first
started thinking about writing a speech for today I had absolutely no idea where
to start it wasn’t incoming uncommon feeling for
me I often don’t know where to start I don’t know where to start when I have to
clean my room or when I’m at a buffet-style restaurant if you are my
math teacher you would know from grading my tests I almost never know how to
start math problems in regard to writing this I was so desperate for a place to
start that I googled inspirational quotes that turned out to be the worst
decision I’ve made since I signed up for the AP calculus exam to be honest I
never really figured out where to start there are countless stories to be told
countless angles to take countless classmates and teachers to honor and as
a person with a singular perspective and experience I’m sure I cannot describe
the gravity of our West community with justice so I’m going to talk about the
things that I know and despite the 13 years of schooling it took me to get to
this moment there are only a few things I know for certain I know that there are
a few other places on this planet like West High School first off people at
West are doers they’re always doing something if they’re not in class
they’re at deca or forensics or frida kahlo Club or peer partner or soccer
practice or helping their friend when senior assassin or speaking out against
social and political injustice or throwing clay with mr. Lyons caring for
their family or working at any number of restaurants on University Avenue the
sheer number of things that people at West do at work
at school for their families and in the community both amazed and exhaust me
second I know that few other schools value such a diversity of interests
nearly 10% of our student body is on the cross-country team our rocketry team has
gained national recognition for the last four years our green Club was the force
that transformed our school to geothermal energy taiko drumming
frequently performs in a national Stroh case in Washington DC we have a full
week for fine arts if you have a passion you can probably pursue that passion at
West that is something for which we should all be thankful I also know that
there is no lack of love at West personally I have a hard time believing
in something if I can’t find tangible proof of it and lately there hasn’t
seemed to be much proof of love in the world but I know the love exists at West
because I see it every single day I know it when I sit out on Ash eating lunch
close my eyes and inhale deeply because the breeze smells like laughter sounds I
know it because I’ve seen the giant multicolored hugs of multi Co and this
here filled eyes of the seniors at this year’s final choir concert I know it
from mr. Ross and Miss t-shirt and the scores of teachers like them who always
ask how your day is going when you first step into class I know there is love
because I have been that kid who would have sat and eaten alone in the hallway
if you hadn’t invited me to join you looking out at all of us right now I
know that not one of us is the same we represent hundreds of cultures and
practice numerous religions we experience different privileges and
obstacles we have infinite combinations of people who
called family if west were a story we would each be a chapter or sentence with
none being the same as any of the previous but each adding something that
you didn’t know was essential to the narrative until the very end
now that we have reached the end I can see that our story is a significant one
we are we are a diverse community but one that shares invaluable passion I
know that when we come together we are powerful that cannot be taken from us as
we go from here I know that it is up to us to create new stories stories of our
studies and travels and relationships and how they gave us a fresh pair of
eyes which with which we look at the world stories of how we extended our
love to those who deserved and needed it most stories of how we shook the world
with our voices making it listen I know that our story has been a good one and
that our coming stories will be good ones
they will stay with us this much I know thank you turn back the cloud when we were young
when our lives were enjoyable and fun remember when we’d run around and chase
afraid mind body and soul
cannot dare Oh you nah I’m to say goodbye
they know you don’t like to be you display don’t you I’m afraid time again
time to say goodbye today don’t you that is too remote our shoes
don’t stay there goodbye it’s really John
our time to fly will of everything when we leave la vie they don’t like to be
with a sustainable future down through you say bye Oh right well Oh crowd time to say goodbye two days
oh you don’t like to be using hello future down the road I can say goodbye
now you don’t keep down the road time to say goodbye to date no you don’t like to
see you this way don’t you worry my friend I’ll meet some
time again I could make my day oh you know like to see you this place don’t
you worry my friend meet some time again I should say hello let’s say hello just you sure so let’s give them another round of
applause first of all Anthony K our music teacher phenomenal
thank you and our choirs amazing amazing talent
I’d like to introduce Raquel Tapia who will introduce our second class speaker hello everyone my name is Raquel Tapia
and I’m pleased to introduce our next speaker he is a close friend of mine who
have known for five years throughout these years I have seen him grow into
the confident kind and outspoken person that he is today on stage in the
classroom and at home his personality has never failed to shine some of you
may not may not know this but this past year he managed to overcome great
adversity at the high school he attended in Florida because of this he has become
a strong independent young man who isn’t afraid to stand up for himself his race
or his culture it has been inspiring to witness and move back to Madison
rekindle friendships in a certain relief beliefs through his outgoing nature and
involvement at West all in a matter of nine months thank you for always making
me laugh no matter how annoyed I am at the world
or at you I know you will do great things in life and I am very excited to
see what is next with my great pleasure give it up for our next speakers dijanna
low all right get ready for laughs well four
years of torture is over but no seriously sometimes it felt like an
episode of American Horror Story in there sometimes but we all made it to
this point you’re wearing your blue cap and gown underneath a tasteful dress
romper button-up shirt with khaki pants I probably just named about half of you
out there mm-hmm I guess before anything I like to thank the adults in our lives
for getting us to this point the parents who drove us to school who made us lunch
gave us purpose loved us and brought us to football games I like to thank our
role models and our teachers who helped shapes us and push us sometimes pushing
us a little too far I’m looking at you grace oh I don’t know exactly where you
are mm-hmm when I was thinking of the topic
for this speech there was only one word that I feel like we all could connect
with that word is rare now I know what you’re thinking j-john we’re not here to
hear about how you like your steak prepared bare with me though okay the
word rare it’s an acronym has four variants that I mean very important
where it’s within it the first R is resilient the definition of resilience
is the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or toughness Urban
Dictionary would define it as last night took a L but tonight a bounce-back but I
have to say I don’t like the definition that my Australian voice theory gave me
and I’ll tell you why I put an emphasis on the word so here’s the definition
again the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or toughness when I
first heard read the word quickly I thought to myself could everyone have
resilience then if I’m on the ground I need time to get back up right
everything takes time and if you’re on the floor you need a few minutes to get
back on two feet again I don’t know about you guys the next letter is A’s
for Allegiance a good king or queen is nothing without
their kingdom you may notice already but you can’t do
everything alone do not let fear of being weak or your own stubbornness keep
you from acting for help sometimes life tries to push you off a
cliff so you’re hanging there you’re looking down and you think man I think
my friends over there just a little too busy I shouldn’t ask them for help so
now you’re falling but what if they truly cared what if they could have
helped you up what if they have one more plate to share to you now you’re falling
because you didn’t speak up reach out to the people in your life ask
them to help you sometimes you need someone to just listen for you to feel
good again you need an army sometimes to help you through the wars of anxiety and
depression you need an army to let you know that you matter and tell them that
you appreciate them I would not be here today if I was alone over the course of
this year I had many moments where I relied on others to help me and
sometimes they helped me without me even acting and if you lose a friend or if
there’s distance growing between you and another person just know that some
people are just there for a season or two
learn in love with them as much as you can now back to rare we have one more
are a naive responsibility we’ve been hearing it all our lives I think back in
the fifth grade was when I first really felt it my mom started giving me chores
it was my responsibility to get my homework done after school and before
bed I had to clean a bathroom or clean the kitchen or she would wake me up in
my sleep or I would hear about it the next day
getting older we have some responsibilities just thrown at us like
bills or taxes but those have real consequences if you don’t pay up but
what about the responsibilities you have to your planet unless someone like you
cares a whole awful lot nothing is going to get better it’s not philosopher the
Lorax they’ve been telling us our whole lives that we’re going to be the
generation that brings change at West as a student body we’re a very opinionated
Bunch we take to our social media and rear aunt I’m guilty of it myself but we
shouldn’t turn into a generation that passes the torch off to our children I
think we’re already making change most of you will have kids one day I plan on
having a life but we’re going to work but are we going to be the generations
that said that we wanted to do something or be the generation that said we did do
something mr. Swayne said that because acts actions speak louder than words and
you’ll have a nice story to tell your children one day example of taking
action I told myself last year I refuse to graduate from st. Lucie West
Centennial High School in Port Saint Lucie Florida and Here I am now the last letter is e for eat stay with
me it’s a big world out there with endless possibilities and
opportunities go out there and eat it all up
take the internships that was handed to you go to a music festival travel dance
in the rain put your hammock ten feet off the ground
live a little you’re young don’t waste time doubting yourself or being fearful
of the future they said if you can’t take the heat and get out of the kitchen
but if you’re hungry enough you’re going to stay and you’ll sweat but you’ll get
the first place I hope that many of you have connected with this speech today
and I hope that you all find your own path your own happiness and your own
success now go out and be rare my name is mine hi yeah yes we may not yeah my crazy don’t you oh don’t be afraid I let it go Oh Oh I’d like to introduce Madeline Friedman
who will introduce our guest speaker hello my name is Maddy Friedman and I
have the pleasure of introducing our commencement speaker today as you grow
up you have certain people that you look up to as role models and I’m so excited
that you get to ain’t mine today Lauren graduated from West after being an
expanding member of the theatre department an activist and women’s
rights are in the Madison area and most importantly my babysitter she went to
the uw-madison and majored in political science and theater from there she works
many interesting jobs making her way to Chicago to work on President Obama’s
re-election campaign and then to New York where she was a speechwriter for
the president of Planned Parenthood and for Hillary Clinton on her presidential
campaign something that I learned from Lauren over the years was to be
persistent and going for things that are important to you when Lauren wanted the
job at Planned Parenthood she didn’t just apply but took matters into her own
hands every time she met someone who knew the president of Planned Parenthood
Tuesday hey could you please remind Cecile that I still want the job and we
all see how that worked out they’re actually writing a book together now I
have used this technique many times like when mr McGrath
when I asked mr McGrath to introduce her multiple times she’s one of the most
successful and determined people I know so Evan please put away your phones and
actually pay attention I’m so honored to introduce you Lauren Peterson how about the student speakers weren’t
they amazing seriously you guys are awesome honestly I’m a little jealous
because I really wanted to give my graduation speech the day I graduated
from West I tried out and everything but they picked someone else well today I
got the last laugh so take that class of 2005 of course today isn’t about me it’s
about the people who worked hard sacrificed and stayed up all night
finishing projects that should have been started much earlier your families and
yes it’s also about you the graduates so let me start with Madeline Friedman my
self-described best babysitting kid Maddy has always been impressive once
when she was about 10 I told her I was researching a role for a play set in
County Cork Ireland without missing a beat she started talking in a perfect
Irish accent I still don’t know where that came from
Maddy is one of the most quintessentially Madison kids I have
ever known when she was five we used to sing if you want to be a badger just
come along with me she grew up protesting on the square and in the
Capitol Rotunda and now she is taking a big step out of the bubble and heading
to Ole Miss so congratulations Maddie I am so proud of you and to the class of 2017 I am really
proud of you two not just for graduating or for being smart and resilience or for
overcoming tremendous odds and challenges to make it here today but for
all of the ways you’ve supported each other when I was getting ready to write
this speech mr McGrath put me on the phone with a group of seniors we talked
about how awesome it is that for a whole week every spring everything else takes
a backseat to music dance theater and art we talked about black lives matter
the women’s march and a day without immigrants we talked about the flags
above the lockers on Ash Street that represent the diverse heritage of West
students we also talked about the staff and incredible teachers who go above and
beyond every day and guys seriously if they are here with you on a Saturday so
if that’s not proof I don’t know it is I still think about the teachers I had at
West there’s miss Hubbard who heard me complain to a friend after getting a D
on an algebra two trig test that I wasn’t good at math she made me stay
after class and I thought she wanted to scold me about my grade but actually she
wanted to say that she never wanted to hear those words come out of my mouth
again there’s mr. Ross who asked us those deep
philosophical questions every seventeen-year-old should really answer
and mr. Nefer who’s the reason my family and I still edit each other’s writings
by asking but what’s your so what conclusion and then of course there’s
miss Bernstein who taught us about women’s history and grassroots activism
once we were so inspired by her class that we made rogue feminist coasters
she told us she couldn’t technically tell us that we should put them up all
over the school but if we left one on her desk and we came back in a few hours
we might find that someone had photocopied it and left a few rolls of
tape when West High School is your whole world
it’s easy to think it’s a really special place and then you go out and you see
the rest of the world and you realize West is a really special place class of
2017 I’m going to be real with you you are graduating at a tough moment for our
country but no one is better prepared to go out and do something about it than
you are one of the many things I learned at West is to check my privilege and so
I want to recognize that part of the reason I’m standing here today is
because I come from a white middle-class family with two parents who went to
college and I hope that you will think about using your west education to go
out and make Madison and our country a safer fairer more inclusive place for
everyone so being a speech writer graduation
season is actually the busiest time of my year this is the fifth commencement
speech I have written this spring my dad actually suggested that I just recycle
some of the advice I wrote for other people and they rejected but really you
guys deserve better and besides I might need to use some of that stuff next year
so I’m going to go in a little different direction today the truth is I’m not
that much older than you are twelve years ago I was sitting on a folding
chair in the Kohl Center I didn’t have it figured out and I still don’t nobody
does but I do have a few lessons that I hope might get you through your next 12
years first recognize that you are only human and often humans need help when I
started at uw-madison though Badgers I couldn’t decide what to do so I did it
all I took a full schedule I got two part-time jobs I joined the synchronized
skating team I auditioned into a play and I became president of the campus
chapter of Planned Parenthood and then one day I dropped off the face of the
earth I was so burnt out and depressed that I could barely get out of bed it
got so bad that my mom had to go return my office key to Planned Parenthood
because I just couldn’t face it and when she did my volunteer supervisor said
tell Lauren it’s okay we’ve all been there that was what I
needed to start crawling out from under the rock it was like that D I got in
math class ignoring it didn’t make it any better
but getting help on my math homework sure did everyone has a period in their
life when things that should be easy are just really really hard for some of you
I’m sorry to say you have already experienced that for the rest of you I
hope that when happens someone will cut you the slack
you deserve and then I hope you will pay it forward for someone else down the
road but just don’t drop off the face of the earth ask for help here’s my second
lesson say yes first figure it out later after college I wasn’t so sure what I
wanted to do other than move to Chicago and find someone to pay me to write so I
applied for two jobs one at Groupon and one on the Obama campaign well I didn’t
get the job at Groupon but I did get the job on the Obama campaign and I was
hired to be the absolute most junior writer to say I didn’t know what I was
doing is an understatement so I developed a strategy anytime they
needed someone to write a tweet run a brainstorm or send a fundraising email I
raised my hand and said I’ll do it that’s how one day I found myself
writing a video script for President Obama about voting rights now that’s an
issue I care about a lot and this was the president so it was kind of a big
day for me well as it’s known in the business I
choked somehow painstakingly I strung together
some words boring words nobody actually said they hated it but someone did say
remind me why we’re doing this again well I was not going to be the person
who made voting rights boring so I emailed every smart person I knew and
asked if they could think of anything to make it better finally an intern
reminded me of an old blog post we had been sharing around the office about a
cute old guy named Fred who was volunteering in Florida and registering
hundreds of voters I rewrote the script I put Fred front and center and sure
enough everyone loved it I felt like I was a
character on the west wing which by the way class is 2017 google it it will get
you through some really tough times and then one of the president’s actual
speech writers sent me an email that said hey you have a knack for this I
don’t know what you’re doing next but you should think about speech writing
and I did so shout out to all of the graduates who are still figuring out
what you want to do with your life when I sat where you’re sitting I was pretty
sure I wanted to be an actor or a violinist but I bet that even those of
you who feel totally lost know more than you think my favorite classes at West
were women’s history and writing now I write for history making women I’m just
saying oh and by the way the person who
remembered Fred we will end up working together again a few years later and
somewhere along the way we realized we kind of liked each other now she’s my
girlfriend and she’s here today with my very robust cheering squad so hi Liz so work hard but also be nice because
you never know where things might end up here’s my last lesson for you and it’s
kind of a doozy life is full of ups and downs so learn to find meaning in both I
spent the last two years working on the Hillary Clinton campaign as some of you
may remember that involved a long tough primary followed by a brutal general
election and then as you may have heard we lost
I spent the worst night of my life backstage at the Javits Center in New
York watching the Returns come in Wisconsin I am looking at you avoiding
eye contact with my colleagues and there was one person I just kept thinking
about when president Trump started talking on the campaign trail about
banning immigrants and Muslims it scared a lot of people especially kids we got
all these notes at campaign headquarters from parents who wanted to thank Hillary
Clinton and share what their kids were going through and one of those notes
came from a woman named stormy here in Madison who adopted her son Felix from
Ethiopia when he was a little kid one day Felix turned to his mom and dad and
asked if Donald Trump becomes president is he going to make me go back to
Ethiopia it’s the kind of story that you read and you just know right away it’s
something special so I hit forward on the email and a couple of days later
Hillary Clinton talked about stormy and Felix and their family in a speech well
on election night I was feeling awful for Felix and for all of the people I’ve
gotten to know on the campaign trail it felt like we have let them down because
really we had it would have been easy to go to bed and stay there for the next
month and in fact is exactly what I wanted to do but the
next day on November 9 my inbox was full again with emails from people I’d met
thanking me for taking the time to listen to them one of those emails in
fact was from stormy she said Felix in his usual way is faring well he is
resilient and strong just like Hillary Clinton and in fact they’re here today
with their family well even though we didn’t win it still meant something to
Felix and to all of those families that Hillary Clinton stood up for them so
Thank You Felix you made me feel like it was all worth
it like I would do it all again so here’s my so what conclusion try big
things the defeats will hurt I can assure you of that but your successes
will be built on the small victories along the way oh and one more thing
remember to vote in every single election not just the presidential one in fact make that the first thing you do
when you get wherever you’re going next get registered and find your polling
place and by the way if anyone out there in the class of 2017 is thinking about
running for office yourself come find me afterwards seriously
come find me because judging by what I heard today
20:36 could just be our year but let’s hope we don’t have to wait that long
because Regents the world has never needed you to help shape it more than it
does right now we are all a work in progress
every single one of us and the way you keep learning and growing is by putting
yourself in rooms with people who are smarter than you and by getting to know
people who disagree with you and most of all by treating people well along the
way there’s no perfect blueprint but that’s what makes life so messy and
wonderful and exciting you get to build your own future well as they say in
Wisconsin there are two seasons winter and construction season so class of 2017
winter is over welcome to Construction season it’s time
to get to work thank you so the time has come class of 2017 honor marshals if you would proceed to
the front of the crowd so at this time class of 2017
you may approach the stage enough ah hey ho Rimmer Jasmine Catherine
Alexander Jason B Alan Hayden our Alan William M Alto wheel Yacouba dawood the Ala Wai Jenna I’m row Lara
I’m row grace and Anders Haley Anderson Haley Anderson Nona
Anderson Katella on a Victoria pass on Jeanette Maddie Hana jelly essential Alcantara Emily M
asphalt so see Abigail Auerbach Yusuf I wat da Leah Vaughn
J bar Charles H Baker Corey D ball Henry see Barford Christopher Dalton Bartholomew Francis
Bartolucci DeWitt Hendrix Barton Yasmin be Bashir Frederick J Batson Spencer Atticus speech Anthony s Benton Emma burgum Olivia
patrina burn Samuel Bishop Emma Emma bowler Andriana bond Kendra and Borchard
Inge Roman Emma Boswell Emily a bot Brenda J boo tell Casey storm Brock Michael L Braxton Joshua H right Nathaniel Brodie ivory rook sequela s
Brooke Emma E Brophy Sarah be Brophy Chander AJ Brown hazel Catherine Brown wreath Richard Brown Stella see bush Catherine
Abigail bus Thomas J Butler Jack Lawrence bye Amanda Lee cadet Violetta M Calderon Catherine are Sarda Yasmine Cardenas Catherine M Cardwell Tyrell mmm
Harry Oliver Elijah carnal janya D car Ezra car a Sophia Emma Karrueche Oh Julia
Sayaka xialu wa ana Karina she aqua Jimenez Lydia el Serpa
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Ginelli Zavala Jose Pedro navaja Emily Jean Rose serger Jane John Padula
Zi Dan d-danny Padilla’s Divini Sakhalin Zuniga hi Yasmine Zuniga hi so we have one more graduate that we
would like to recognize mrs. Thompson is going to be helping you to finalize this
ceremony but we wanted her to do it right along with you so let’s give a
round of applause for your principal mrs. Thompson thank you thank you guys
so much I do honor all the hard work that you
have put in to getting to this point I do want to take a moment to remember
those classmates of yours who are not here with us today but will forever
remain in our hearts so as my final act as the principal of Madison West High
School and an official agent of the Madison metropolitan school district I
hereby confirm that you have met all the necessary requirements for graduation
from the best school in the Madison School District so class of 2017 please rise and as I always do I want to remind you
of a procedure we will proceed out as a class one last time in unison so at this
time class of 2017 please move your tassels from the right to the left
signifying that you are now graduates of the Madison School District you you for DVD copies of this program go to
MMSD TV and click on video order form you