2017 Undergraduate Ceremony (2 p.m.)

Please turn off all cellular phones and
electronic devices. Family members and guests, the 131st commencement
processional will start soon. The audience may remain seated for the
student processional and stand as able for the entry of the platform party and the colors. At the conclusion of the ceremony,
those in attendance are asked to please be respectful, and stay seated until all
students have been recognized as graduates and the platform party has
recessed from the stage. Thank you for your cooperation. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the
2017 graduating class from South Dakota State University! Founded in 1881, as the
state’s Morrill Act Land-Grant institution, South Dakota State
University improves quality of life through exemplary teaching, relevant
research and connected outreach. Today’s graduates represent a broad range of
academic disciplines. Some trace to the university’s earliest days and others
developed in response to the needs of the state and region. Under the
leadership of Dean Dennis Papini, candidates in the College of Arts and
Sciences are led by their banner carrier, assistant professor, Tyler Miller. Under
the leadership of Dean Jill Thorngren, candidates in the College of Education
and Human Sciences are led by their banner carrier, associate professor, Renee
Oscarson. Under the leadership of Interim Dean Jane Mort candidates in
the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions are led by their
banner carrier, associate professor, Jay Gunaje. Under the leadership of Dean Keith
Corbett, members of the University College are represented by their banner
carrier, Amy Peterson. Under the leadership of Interim Dean
Rebecca Bott, members of the Honors College are represented by their banner carrier
associate professor, Vickie Mix. Under the leadership of Provost Dennis
Hedge, faculty are led by Marshalls: associate professor Teresa Seefeldt, an
associate professor Nancy Lyons and by their banner carrier, associate professor
Mary Molar. Ladies and gentlemen, please, stand! Under the leadership of President Barry
Dunn, the platform party is led by honorary marshals, professor Tim Steele
and professor Deb Farber. The mace carried by Dr. Farber
signifies the authority and pageantry of academic ceremonies. Honorary marshals
lead the processional and recognition of distinguished service to the University.
Information about today’s speakers and honorary marshals is printed in the
program. Deborah Farber has been a member of the
Pharmacy Practice Department of the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health
Professions for over 30 years. Additionally, she has practiced clinical
pharmacy in Yankton at the South Dakota Human Services Center and Avera Sacred
Heart Hospital. Farber has taught in numerous pharmacy courses with
particular emphasis on interprofessional and interdepartmental education.
She also precepts fourth-year pharmacy students completing their advanced
pharmacy practices experiences in internal medicine and psychiatry. Farber
has been recognized for her passionate and engaged teaching style with the
Edward Patrick Hogan Excellence in Teaching Award in 2017. Her impact on the
profession of pharmacy was acknowledged by the South Dakota Society of Health
System Pharmacists Lifetime Achievement Gary W Karel Lecture Award. She’s authored
or co-authored articles and peer-reviewed journals along with
numerous presentation and posters at local, state and national level for 32
years. Michael Tim Steele has held teaching and
administrative positions at South Dakota State University. He joined the faculty
in 1985 as an assistant professor, charged with beginning the graphic
design program. The program initially had six students in one course in the art
curriculum designated for graphic design. Steele leaves the program today with more
than 130 majors and a recognized professional degree with graduates
working in design firms, advertising agencies and corporations in South
Dakota and across the nation. In 1990, professor Steele was awarded the Pointer
Institute Media Studies Excellent and Teaching Award and in 2001
SDSU recognized his contributions to teaching with the F.O. Butler Excellence in
Teaching Award. In 2017, director Steele was recognized for his service with the
Dr. Harold and Barbara Bailey Award for Excellence in Academic Department
Leadership. Professor Steele became the head of Visual Arts in 2010 and he would
go on to be the founding director of the School of Design.
President Dunn, Regent Sutton, distinguished guests, members of the
faculty, administrative leadership at the universities, graduates, family and
friends of graduates and ladies and gentlemen I welcome you to the 2017
commencement ceremony of South Dakota State University, which will now be in
order. Please remain standing for the presentation of colors by the Army ROTC
cadets George Hoerichs and Erin Holdsclaw and Air Force ROTC
cadets Chandler Bauer and Brand Pickner. The eagle staff by marine Philip Eagle
and the playing of our National Anthem by the symphonic band. Please remain
standing until the colors are posted and anthem finished. You may be seated. Please welcome the President of South
Dakota State University Barry H. Dunn. Good afternoon everyone! it’s my
privilege and pleasure to serve as a 20th President of South Dakota State
University and to welcome you to the university’s 131st commencement—a
special day of recognition and of celebration. Thank you all for being part
of it. More than 1300 undergraduate students have completed degree
requirements during the spring semester, bringing the total number of
undergraduate degrees confirmed, conferred this academic year to more
than 2,000. This afternoon’s ceremony is for students receiving an associate or
baccalaureate degree in the College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Professions,
the College of Education and Human Sciences and the College of Arts and
Sciences. Students receiving associate or baccalaureate degrees in the College of
Nursing, the Jerome J. Lohr or College of Engineering and the College of
Agriculture and Biological Sciences were recognized at the 10:00 a.m.
undergraduate ceremony this morning. Students receiving master’s degrees,
doctors of philosophy degrees, doctor of Nursing Practice or doctor of pharmacy
degrees will be recognized in the Graduate ceremony at 5:00 this afternoon.
Thank you again for coming we are very pleased you are here. As you can imagine,
an event like this relies on the collaboration and efforts of a great
many people, so I’d like to briefly recognize a few of them. They are ROTC ushers and color guard, associate professor of consumer sciences
Nancy Lyons and associate professor of pharmaceutical science Teresa Seefeld,
who served as faculty marshals assisting the students and faculty in the
processional this afternoon, and the symphonic band under the direction
of Jacob Wallace, assistant professor of music and Kevin Kessler, director of
athletic bands. Please help me in thanking them for their contributions to
this very special day. I want to thank our honorary marshals
who were introduced earlier. Professor Steele and professor Farber, would you
please step forward. Please join me in recognizing them as well! It is now my pleasure to introduce those
members of the platform party participating in today’s ceremony, who
will not be introduced later in the program. I ask them to stand and be
recognized please hold your applause until all have been introduced. Interim Dean of the College of Agriculture and Biological Sciences
Daniel Scholl, dean of the College of Nursing Nancy Fahrenwald, interim Dean of the Van D. and Barbara B. Fischback Honors
College Rebecca Bott, Dean of University College
Keith Corbett and Chief University Librarian Kristi Tornquist. Thank you
all for being part of today’s celebration. I would also like to recognize and thank
all of the parents, friends and loved ones, who are here to share this special
day with today’s graduates. You have provided your support and encouragement
in countless ways over these many years. Members of the graduating class of 2017,
please rise to recognize and thank your parents, friends and loved ones for their
support with a round of applause. Please, you can be seated. We are honored today to have Mike Huether,
mayor of Sioux Falls, South Dakota here to share a message with the graduates. A
1984 graduate of SDSU, Mike was sworn in as mayor of Sioux Falls on May 17, 2010,
capturing a dream held since the sixth grade. Soundly re-elected in 2014, he has
proven that government can get stuff done. He believes by working together,
there is nothing we can’t accomplish. Mike’s leadership and business skills
were honed for 15 years at City Bank in Sioux Falls, New York and Texas. in 1999,
he was recruited to drive the development efforts of PREMIER Bankcard
in Sioux Falls. After 10 years, he resigned as executive vice president to
focus full-time on earning the honor to serve the good people of Sioux Falls.
Prior to working in corporate America, Huether was influenced by members at
Yankton High School, by mentors at Yankton High School and South Dakota
State. Mike relies on and cherishes his family the most.
Cindy, his bride of 31 years, also an SDSU alum, not only and not only is Sioux
Falls first lady but also has served in many capacities including as executive
director of the Sioux Falls Tennis Association. Their daughter Kylie and her
husband David blessed them by living and working in Sioux Falls. In his spare time,
which is precious, he squeezes in tennis, running, developing wildlife habitat,
hunting, attending potlucks and creating memories with his grandson George. Please help me welcome Mike to the podium. Well good afternoon fellow Jackrabbits,
this is certainly a thrill to be celebrating with the graduating class of
2017 at my alma mater, South Dakota State University! We have six living
generations in our midst at Frost Arena today. We have the GI generation, the
mature generation, the baby boomers, Generation X, the Millennials and
yes, Generation Z. I am a baby boomer, born in 1962. My folks they were divorced when
I was in fifth grade. It was 1972 and I was the oldest of four kids that the
stigma of divorce back then was really big. Added to that, my dad was a severe
alcoholic. He was battling his own demons, so his support to our family, it
was certainly limited at best. My mom Diane, was in the the audience
right now. She did much of the heavy lifting on her own. Growing up then was
really hard. I was sad at times, I was I was mad at
times. Why me? Why my family? But looking back, even though those times were
extremely difficult, they certainly helped lay the foundation for what I
become today. Grads, don’t listen the self-pity when
things get tough in your life. How you respond to those challenges during those
challenging times, they’re going to determine much of your ultimate success.
You ,you are the ultimate driver of your life’s journey but there are many that
are going to guide you along the way my toughest coaches teachers and bosses
they’ve been my most influential they never accepted less of what I could give
and they challenged me to do more good leaders they’re constantly searching for
those amongst you that are on the team or that are on the organization that
will tackle things that the others don’t have the heart or maybe more importantly
the guts to do when someone is willing to push you even beyond your comfort
level embrace it and learn from it trust me the time to be concerned in
your career or in your life is when the motivation or the constructive criticism
is targeted towards someone other than you the best tough love advice that I
can give you it is as old-fashioned and as corny as you will find young leaders
of South Dakota State you’ve got to work your butt off
you just do the harder you work the luckier you’re ultimately going to get
why in the world wouldn’t you want to perform at the highest level to make
things grand for you or for your family I know I I know it sounds like a broken
record from your mom from your dad from your grandma from your grandpa and now
this mayor might die but it is absolutely pivotable to earning wins and
overcoming those challenges General Colin Powell once said you can be
anything you want to be but wanting to be isn’t enough dreaming about it isn’t
enough you’ve got to study for it work for it and fight for it with all of your
heart in your soul I am a runner in fact I’m competing in the Fargo half marathon
two weeks from today running it keeps my weight down in oh my it is a wonderful
stress burner I always set goals when I race I ran my first marathon when I
turned 40 my goal back then was to finish grandma’s marathon in Duluth
Minnesota it’s a 26.2 mile course along Lake Superior I wanted to finish that in
less than four hours I remember the day like it was yesterday
it was cool overcast day slight wind at my back there were over 7,000 runners
that joined in in the quest I finished the race with my hand pointing to God in
three hours 58 minutes and 43 seconds one minute 17 seconds to spare
however I soon realized that finishing grandma’s marathon that wasn’t the
reward it was the months of training overcoming
injuries the sacrifice of being away from my beautiful daughter Kylie and my
wonderful bride Cindy the loneliness the bad weather the journey was the ultimate
reward grant your your best life lessons they’re not going to come from the books
that you read but rather from the pitfalls that you face the mistakes that
you make the risks that you take and the rewards that are captured with it please
take that leap of faith and put yourself out there for that chance of success
eight years ago I attacked a monster risk pursuing a goal that I established
as a president said way back into sixth grade I was the executive vice president
at the tenth largest credit card company in America I was making gobs of money I could
purchase all kinds of stuff I had plenty of security and I quit I left my job to
campaign full-time to earn the honor to serve as the mayor of Sioux Falls many
people including yes family and friends they thought I was out of my mind the campaign was incredibly different
difficult and there certainly were countless times yep
when seeds of doubt crept in in the end though the risk the work and the
sacrifice has paid off in a phenomenal way public service has been a wonderful
thrill ride for me I make tough choices that are best for me from my from my
family and from my community I will never please everyone and that is
just fine every decision that I make is the mayor it is scrutinized is analyzed
and you bet it is criticized at the highest level but I can’t allow that to
control me don’t let it control you my head my heart my life experiences and
common sense and you bet my faith drives me President Theodore Roosevelt he’s
famous for what’s called the man in the arena speech he says it’s not the critic
that counts the credit belongs to the man in the
arena stand tall in your own personal arena make sound choices yep yep
but don’t be afraid to make mistakes either reach out to others for support
and value the tough coaching and the tough love they provide because they
love you and they are sharing the wisdom gained from a bevy of their own missteps
study for it work for it and don’t forget to pray for it your family and
your faith ultimately you’re all that matters you ask any of these folks
you go to any cemetery and you read the tombstones you’re not going to see any
words about how much money this guy made or how much how many cars this person
owned or how successful this woman’s company was instead you gonna find
things like loving daughter wonderful mother caring grandma and friend remember my dad he gave up his drinking the prom was he
didn’t give up his smoking nine days after being diagnosed with lung and
brain cancer my dad was informed by his doctor that
he had at least a year to live he died the very next day minor Jehu Thur was 62
years of age his sudden passing it dramatically instilled in me that these
days on earth they are incredibly precious relish the day create as many
memories as you can and tackle your life’s magic list
I have 42 things on my magic list and God willing I’m going to capture them I
want to see a tornado I want to celebrate 50 years of marriage honey I
want to write a couple books and yes be the commencement speaker at
my home on laughter’s graduation ceremony fellow Jackrabbits I can’t
thank you enough I can’t thank you enough for making that
dream a reality for me today hey president president before I exit the
podium I have been dreaming about this for so long I’ve always wanted to create
another memory as the commencement speaker I’m going to need all of your
help I mean all of your help to pull it off rabbits I need you to look out in
the audience right now find your loved ones okay look out there find them
audience you find your loved ones your grads okay
okay go on point them out now on the count of three I want you to yell out I
love you on the count of three one two three I love you go rabbits thank you Mike
for your inspirational remarks we appreciate them very much and we’re
really glad you’re a jackrabbit the South Dakota Board of Regents policy 218
describes an honorary Doctorate degree as its highest honor bestowed upon
individuals who have achieved distinction in their professions and
have rendered outstanding contribution or service to the people of South Dakota
among other criteria South Dakota State University has a long tradition of
awarding honorary degrees and Senator Tim Johnson meets and exceeds all of our
qualifications senator Johnson’s began serving the people of South Dakota in
the South Dakota legislature from 1979 to 1986 the US House of Representatives
from 1987 to 1997 and served in the US Senate from 1997 to 2015 during his
years in Congress he enjoyed partnering with SDSU and the community of Brookings
this collaboration resulted in funds for the bio stress lab the engineering
interdisciplinary science building and the renovation of Solberg Hall within
the Brookings community has worked with the city leadership on funds to enhance
the downtown area and the Boys and Girls Club throughout his years in Congress he
worked to ensure that South Dakotans would have access to clean drinking
water and authored and passed the mini which Oni project that serves
southwestern South Dakota an area that has long suffered from low water
supplies and poor water quality subsequent projects included the mid
Dakota rural water system in 1991 and the Lewis & Clark rural water system Act
in 1999 he has been a transformational leader he has been honored for his work
for rural South America which ranged from farm bills to energy policy
to competition in the livestock industry to providing rural communities with
access to the credit they need to be successful as chairman of the Banking
Committee from 2011 to 2015 he highlighted the often overlooked needs
of community banks rural housing and rural transportation systems as an
appropriator Senator Johnson secured ten million dollars to fund the deep
underground science lab at the Homestake mine and lead the funding was critical
in keeping the mine open and viable at a time when closure was imminent
today the mine is a national leader in physics research as chairman of the
Subcommittee on military construction and Veterans Affairs he was recognized
for his exceptional legislative efforts on behalf of the enlisted men and women
with the El Mendel rivers legislative award he was also recognized by the
South Dakota National Guard with the presentation of the Williamson militia
award I ask Provost Dennis hedge and Ken shal Dorner interim vice president for
research and economic development to assist me in the following presentation today for outstanding contributions to
the state of South Dakota and our University it is my esteemed honor to
confer on Senator Tim Johnson an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree the university takes pride in all of its
graduates but faculty and ministry and administrators take special pride in
those who have achieved high levels of academic excellence I welcome back to
the podium Provost hedge who will recognize those students graduating with
academic honors Provost hedge earning a degree takes hard work and
commitment among our graduates is a special group deserving extra
recognition today these students have reached the highest levels of academic
achievement the program notes those members of this year’s class whose
academic achievements have earned them the distinction of graduating with
honors as well as those who are graduating from the Vandy and Barbara B
Fischbach Honors College in addition SDSU initiates students into the
National Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi members are elected from every branch of
the arts sciences humanities and the professional colleges only those in the
top 10% of their senior class are eligible for election to Phi Kappa Phi
this afternoon we recognize those who have achieved this high scholastic
record we’ll all graduates who are graduating with honors those graduating
with honors college distinction and those who have joined Phi Kappa Phi
please stand so that you can be recognized we also have students from across the
colleges who have prepared to become teachers will those graduates who have
completed the teacher education curriculum for certification as teachers
please rise so that you may be recognized now is my pleasure to introduce
Lieutenant Colonel Cory Norris professor of military science for Army ROTC and
Lieutenant Colonel Craig McCune professor of military science for Air
Force ROTC they will recognize Army and Air Force candidates for commissions thank you on behalf of the United States
Army and the United States Air Force please join us in congratulating the
2017 SDSU graduates who are commissioned as second lieutenants into the Army and
the Air Force at commissioning ceremonies held yesterday please hold
your applause lieutenant’s please stand when your name is called some of the
names we will call were recognized at a earlier commencement ceremony or will be
recognized later today from the Army second lieutenant Kendra Hayes second
lieutenant Kyle Hine second lieutenant Justin Hinks second
lieutenant Emily Kirchner who is also a distinguished military graduate for Army
ROTC second lieutenant Chelsey Menzer second lieutenant jeanne Skoglund second
lieutenant Adam Spencer second lieutenant Jerome Talley and second
lieutenant Francis toosha and from the Air Force 2nd lieutenant
David Lorenz 2nd lieutenant mark Schlichting 2nd lieutenant
Nicholas westphalen who was a distinguished graduate for the Air Force
in the second lieutenant Billy Mitchell Williams these are your second
lieutenants congratulations and II Faubourg is a 1991 1999 graduate
of South Dakota State University and president and CEO of South Dakota State
University Alumni Association MS Faubourg will bring greetings to the
graduates as they transition from students to alumni Thank You president done good afternoon
graduates it is an honor to be with you here today
and officially welcome you to join nearly 88,000 individuals who have
graduated from this institution your hard work and achievements have led you
to this day and we are very proud to have you as part of our growing alumni
family today you ring the bell for the yellow and
blue as you enter the next phase of your life as a jackrabbit we at the South
Dakota State University Alumni Association are excited to welcome you
to the Alumni ranks as you join a growing list of Saders who continue to
lead their chosen industries and communities congratulations again to
each and every one of you on a job well done when many of you arrived on campus
as freshmen just a few years ago you attended Fall Convocation at this event
you were given a unique coin on the coin or the words once a student forever and
alum you were then encouraged to take the coin drop it in a giant cowbell and
make a wish for your college career today we like to think that your wish
was received after receiving your diploma today each member of the
graduating class will receive this coin from a member of the Alumni Association
staff we promise that we would return that coin to you and today we fulfill
that promise as you walk across this stage you will be closing a chapter of
your life but at the same time you will be opening another as you leave this
place as a student remember that no matter where you go no matter what you
do you will always be a member of the South Dakota State University family we
at the Alumni Association are very proud of you and look forward to helping you
stay connected to your alma mater and hope you will visit often today and
forever more you will be Jackrabbits congratulations graduates and best of
luck to you all thank you Andy vice president for
student affairs Michaela Willis will now introduce this year’s graduating senior
speaker Thank you, President Dunn. An important
and traditional part of our commencement ceremonies is an opportunity for a member of the graduating class to address the gathering. I am pleased to introduce Allyson Helms as this year’s senior speaker. A spring 2017 graduate who will offer remarks on behalf of this year’s graduates. Allyson Helms, from Waseca, Minnesota is graduating from the Honors College with the major in Pharmaceutical Sciences and minors in Biology and Speech Communications. She has presented her research in small group communications both regionally and nationally, was recognized as second in the nation at the National Collegiate Honors Conference for her work, and was this year’s recipient of the Shultz-Werth Award. She has been on both the College of Pharmacy and Honors College Dean’s List every semester. On campus, Allyson has been active with the Students Association, serving most recently as President and will continue her involvement as Vice President of SA next year. She has been involved with Phi Lambda Sigma, Kappa Psi, and APHAASP, which are several pharmacy organizations. As well as three honor societies and the
Honors College Student Organization. She is an honors peer mentor and a member of the honors recruitment team. She is a published author and has presented at
conferences in every state in the Midwest, and has lobbied in Pierre on
behalf of students of South Dakota State. Going forward, Allyson will continue in the pharmacy program for two more years before earning her Pharm D. After her doctoral graduation, she intends to pursue two years of pharmacy residencies. First in general hospital and then in hospital administration with plans to run a large hospital pharmacy someday. She hopes to
be able to come back to SDSU or another pharmacy school and teach at least
part-time and continue her role in politics by running
for local office someday. Please join me in welcoming Allyson Helms. Wow. Thank you, Dr. Willis. Administrators,
faculty, staff, regents, friends and family, and most importantly, the class of 2017.
Thank you for the opportunity to speak to you all today. It certainly is a great privilege and an honor to do so. My name is Allyson Helms and among other things, I served as your Students Association President this past year. As I thought about what I wanted to share with you all today in the brief five to eight minutes that I’ve been given, I reflected on my experiences during my time here at State, and even more importantly, the shared collective experiences of the class of 2017. This is, quite probably, the last
time everyone in your major, let alone everyone in your college, will be
gathered in the same place and I wanted to use this time to highlight one of our
most commonly shared experiences of all. Our homecoming, Hobo Day. The theme from this past year as you may recall was “Living the Legacy.” Each of us, when we first moved into SDSU, brought a story. Chapters of our lives from our hometown
experiences. I was born and raised in Waseca, Minnesota. A rural community of
about 10,000 people. I lived in the same house my entire life and did not know
what to expect from here at SDSU. I had been highly involved with choirs, dance, various clubs and sports, and knew that I wanted to join the rock climbing team, join the dance team, and then maybe rush a sorority. So, once here at SDSU, all moved in and the initial Walmart trip complete, each of you, and myself, began crafting the next chapters. The continuation of our story. For me, this meant not doing any of the things that I had planned. Instead, I got involved with student government, and became one of the longest lasting current senators, joined various pharmacy organizations, help plan several regional conferences, and presented my research both regionally and nationall. I became a teaching
assistant for introductory courses and tried to create a good balance of hours
split between studying and socializing. This is just part of my story, but for
others of you sitting in front of me today, your SDSU story centers on being a
community assistant, showing animals at Little I, or competing in Las Vegas
with a human powered vehicle you created. I’ve met incredible people like Laura,
who have traveled the world, like Hannah and Alex, who have raised thousands of
dollars for State-A-Thon, or like Christian, who’s done research over
things that I can’t even pronounce. Some of your stories focus on clinical hours or study abroad experiences, internships, or preceptorships, or designing ships,
and hopefully your story had a good balance of studying and socializing too.
Now, remember that I said that I wanted to highlight our shared Hobo Day
experience in this speech and that the theme from this year was “Living the Legacy.” This theme centered on what it meant to be truly present, to go beyond
just shaping your own story, to create your own legacy. Living the legacy is
about more than just the chapters in your book or shaping your story, but the
point of highlighting parts of our stories today was that today marks a
transition, a turning point in each of our lives. Today is the day where we are
no longer shaping our stories. Now, we begin to truly live our legacy. We have the opportunity to take what we have learned, both inside and outside the
classroom, and use it to craft the characteristics of our lives that we
will forever be remembered by So, how do we do that? How do you determine what your legacy outside of SDSU will look like? Now, I figured that
this is the point of the speech where I try to impart some kind of long lasting
advice and impactful words that you can take with you on your journey to live
your legacy. Unfortunately, I’m in the same boat as all of you. I don’t have any
more words of wisdom than any of you. So I did what any well-educated, almost
college graduate, would do. I googled it, at 3 am, the night before my speech was
due. Now I was disappointed to learn that Quizlet doesn’t have a series of
flashcards for the best graduation advice or how to live your legacy but
I’ll do my best to share the pieces of advice that I did find first you are in
control of your own story your own legacy and it’s up to you to choose joy
and meaning in your life every day this certainly means celebrating all
that you have accomplished up to today rejoicing when you land your first job
and commemorating all your hard work when you finally reach your dream job
this also means finding joy in times of hardship and there will be hardships
understand your failures and shortcomings and then use these times of
doubt or misfortune to propel you forward you are here to inspire the next
generation of Jackrabbits and that will not always be an easy task it’s up to us
all of us to make the best of every curveball and to utilize the gifts that
we’ve been given so speaking of life’s curveballs take
them and use them to move you to a bigger place it’s up to you to be
adaptable to not let the plans that you have set today limit your future because
plans are like curls and they’re great until they fall I didn’t join the rock
climbing team or the dance team or even rush a sorority but there are very few
things that I would change about my experience
at sdsu coming into SDSU I had no idea what doors would be open
for me or what I would have the chance to do if
I’ve learned anything it’s that life after graduation will probably work the
same way you can’t possibly imagine all of the opportunities you will see in
your lifetime so it’s up to you to make the most of them to rise above the
pressures that surround you and to be present wherever you are regardless of
what opportunities you were given or what curveballs you faced you always
have the opportunity to replace fear with curiosity and have empathy for
everyone around you in college it’s easy to find groups where you can feel
comfortable and be surrounded by like-minded individuals but outside of
our undergraduate career the world is a scary place full of unknowns but it’s
also full of opportunity it’s calling us begging us to embark on the next
chapters of our story so be curious and engage with those who think differently
than you do the times when I’ve grown the most on campus are when I was
challenged in my beliefs both inside the classroom or otherwise I’m excited to
continue to not only be challenged as I move forward but to challenge the
standard to create the standard to that extent be bold but be humble know that
the collective experiences that have shaped your story up to this point have
set a strong foundation for the legacy that you will someday leave behind so
use your story know who you are know what you’re willing to fight for and
remember those who help you along the way
give credit where credit is due and always be thankful I know that I
wouldn’t have made it this far without the support of my family the
all-too-frequent phone calls to my mother my mentors incredible professors
both inside my college and outside and my friends who continually pushed me to
be a better person to that end share your legacy with those
around you none of us are on a solo journey we’re living and creating with
those around us whether we seek them out or they find us along the way the piece
of paper that you will receive today isn’t what matters what truly matters
and what will help you live your legacy are the reasons and the people and the
journeys behind it today marks the first day of your next adventure I’m excited
to see and read about each of your legacies and to be proud of all that the
South Dakota State University class of 2017 will do so one last piece of advice
before I go again know that you don’t have to create your legacy alone reach
out for help we’re all going to need it at one point or another
today we move forward from this class and we have the great opportunity to
enter an incredible group of alumni who are ready and willing to support us as
we craft our legacies so reach out be kind be curious be bold be humble shape
your story live your legacy and remember once the Jackrabbit always a jackrabbit
so go big go blue go jacks thank you well thank you Ali for those
inspirational remarks and I want to personally thank her for her service as
Student Association president was a really honor to work with her this
year and really appreciate her leadership very much I am pleased to invite the Honorable Bob
Sutton president of the South Dakota border Regents to the podium to
authorize the conferral of degrees Regent Sutton good afternoon you have to bear with me
for a second I got a look up there I’m usually in frost arena outnumbered 500
to one wearing red I’ve never been on that board that’s awesome
so I just want to tell you that thank you for the opportunity to be here today
commencement Day is a time of new beginnings and celebration this is truly
an honor for me to be spending the day at South Dakota’s largest university
celebrating tremendously tremendous accomplishments with students with
family members and with faculty a special congratulations to president
very done on his first commencement as president of SDSU and it is always a
real honor for me whenever given the opportunity to share a platform with the
Honorable senator Tim Johnson it’s great to see you senator as a first-generation college graduate
of my family the opportunities afforded to me as a student at a public
institution of higher learning cannot be understated as I have said on many
occasions there are very few of my classmates from the class of 1990 at
that university whose name should not be spoken that would have ever imagined
that I would be standing in front of you as a member of the South Dakota Board of
Regents it does not seem possible that 27 years have passed since I completed
my first degree graduates if you thought finals were difficult
take a look at what 27 years of the real world will do to you when I cross the
stage I looked like Channing Tatum this is what happens when you leave here
today to continue your education or to start or continue your careers you will
no doubt be approached by countless people who want to know more about you
when asked to say something about yourself we oftentimes start with what
we do for a living in many cultures the response is different such as I am a
husband I’m a father I’m a son or a brother or a wife or a mother or a
daughter after today I submit to you that when asked at every opportunity and
to anyone who will listen you should say you are a proud graduate of South Dakota
State University that is something no one will ever take from you
congratulations to all in attendance today to the graduates and their
families this is a day to celebrate the culmination of planning preparing saving
spending and executing on behalf of the South Dakota Board of Regents we wish
you only the best of success personally and professionally to the administration
the faculty and all support personnel at South Dakota State University this is
another proud day as you send forth into the world a group of fine educated
students to improve their lives and even more importantly to improve the
lives of others thank you for your commitment by the authority vested in me
by the South Dakota Board of Regents I hereby grant president berry done the
authority to confer the degrees for the spring commencement 2017 and I do this
today this afternoon at 2 o’clock in honor and in memory of my friend Jerry
who is not able to be here physically with us but is here in frost arena like
he was so many times for so many years Jerry Nachtigal this one’s for you thank
you Thank You Regent Sutton the candidates
for the associate and bachelor’s degrees will be presented by the vice president
of the Faculty Senate professor Gary Anderson the students whose names appear in the
printed program for this commencement have been approved by the faculty of
South Dakota State University and South Dakota border Regents to receive the
Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of general studies Bachelor Music Education
Bachelor of Science or associate degrees upon satisfactory completion of the
degree requirements for those who are to receive these degrees please stand – they were listening president done I take pleasure in
presenting these candidates to you in order that you may confer upon them the
appropriate degree in their respective fields Thank You dr. Anderson by virtue of the
authority delegated to me by the Board of Regents of higher education of the
state of South Dakota I confer upon each of you the degree Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor General Studies Bachelor of music education Bachelors of Science
Associate of Arts or science in your chosen field upon satisfactory
completion of the degree requirements with all rights privileges and
responsibilities pertaining thereto well those who are candidates for these
degrees now present themselves on the stage for recognition you will come
forward by college and be congratulated by the Dean of your college those of you
waiting for your college to be called please be seated
individual graduates will be announced by andrea carlisle director of forensics
and instructor of communication studies Jane Mort interim dean of the College of
Pharmacy and allied health professor professions will introduce the graduates
of the College of Pharmacy and allied health professions president Dunn the
College of Pharmacy and allied health professions prepares pharmacy and
medical lab science graduates with the knowledge skills and abilities to pursue
opportunities to provide high quality patient care across the state nation and
world: Nicole Anderson, Morgan Beckmann, Kelly Beneke, Anna Bills, Kaya Borg, Analisa Buysse, Bailie Carlson, Tyler Chramosta, Joshua Colett, Hadley Cropsey, Cheryl Day, Hillary Deragisch, Brady Diveley, Nicholas Elgersama, Michael
Erickson, Tiffany Espe. Madison fans law Cassandra
freeze Adam goats Kayla guy Kendra Hasse Alison Helms Chelsea Hoffman Danielle Jensen Samuel
Kubb Britany court an christian crawl kela Larsen Calvin Lindbergh ye Lu Jenna lund Rebecca Matt Zeke Lauren Metzger ty Moody Kylee marette Shelby Olson Chiara Altman Austen Uyen Megan Perry morgen blender Hannah poppin Shelby Robin Berg Nicole Rasmussen Sydney rechtin bow Brandon Reef Christopher Schneider Brooke schwa zinger Whitney SPECT Katherine Swanson Mikaela FEMEN tailor softened Madeline Walder Theresa Wallace Abigale walls Kea war Zika Allyson why not Chetan well big Arielle when Zell Jacob warmer Ashley Clark Charles Dabangg Haley Erickson Madison groats um Aaron harms Caitlin Jennings Brittany Kramer Heidi Luna Alex McNamara Shelby Nelson Emily young Thank You interim dmort jill Thoren Dean
of the College of Education and Human Sciences will introduce graduate
graduates of that college done the following graduates of the College of
Education and Human Sciences are prepared to enhance the human potential
of our world in the areas of education business government health industry and
recreation through their professional roles in service to the global community
of individuals families and nations Kaela Ackerman Tatum edema Makayla acres Bora Alexander Shelby alts foolish Austin Anderson Katrina Anderson Melinda
Anderson Shanna Bock Tanner baldon Brock bangs on Elizabeth Barker Ashley Bernard Laurel Bari Morgan
Barthel men Amanda bard slur Kyle boo bonus Ashley beaner Paige
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Gorder Lexi Garber Jenna grossen Berg hailey guzo Taylor Hackett
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Stephens Audra stove burner caleb storms Kayla strand Sara Stroud Angela tower Melissa tower Madeline topping off Kelly thorough Andrea Thompson fair trained Hale crystal troll mark Ulrich Jessica
Valentine Jessica Van Dyke Paige Bernard Morgan Becht and of you so Megan Vogel Michaela
Wagner Nicole quest odd Alicia Kelson page wise Kelly WA not a Brooke ones out Andrew Whelan Caitlin Wheelock Shaylee
white Jacob win a key Soren Wahlstrom Brianna Wigan Emily wise Cup Taylor wolde no mean wall table Jade wolf Mackenzie wool Thank You Dean Thoren the College of
Arts and Science graduates will now be introduced by Dean Dennis poppy knee
president done the following graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences have
successfully acquired the collaborative and innovative skills specified within
their respective disciplines and will now enter their various professions to
strengthen the vitality of our state nation and world cambly nibbling and now Becker jackeline as Camila luan
for starchy on Tralee own Justin Lin Brook who nod Laramie Oliver Matthew Wilhelmy brandy antis in’ Katie
aren’t Alexis Bailey Shelby Bauer Patti Berkner Jacob bees Anna bridge Sean Broderick Jessica brewer Sawyer
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slack Richard sloop Josh Smith Catherine Smith Brianna Snipes Jenna Sukup Dinah selec
Whitney stroller Jennifer Sutton Emily Swinson Jeremiah
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and Lord Marke then our day Nicholas way Jackie Wang Dakota weathers Megan will
beg Molly rumors Derrick Whitlow Mitchell William Jack winters Caitlin
whip Kelsey woodford Alexandra Jaeger Ronnie
Warren Ezekiel Herndon Thank You Dean Pappy nee and now we have
come to the central moment of our ceremonies if you have not already done
so I invite each graduate to move the tassel on your cap from the right to the
left side showing you showing that you have officially graduated from South
Dakota State University audience audience please stand and join me in
congratulating the new graduates thank you all for coming this afternoon
it has been a real pleasure for me to preside at this 131st commencement
celebration my first as president of this distinguished institution graduates
you have now earned your degree you have realized your dream let your imagination
be your guide to the future and may your time as a Jackrabbit serve you well in
the exciting future that awaits each and every one of you congratulations the
2017 commencement ceremony for South Dakota State University is now adjourned please remain standing as the colors are
retired in the platform party exits you nice Empire and Jana Corrie shot
I am the umpire honk oh holy water up on the vampire hi in this very moment I’m
King and this everyone that I play your life with the flame this very moment
I’ll bring put it on everything that I wanna tell you with the ring and I will
without you with the crown yes no I’m not lucky I’m glad yes clap for the
heavyweight champ me but I can’t do it all alone
we young me grew up on bracele outside your makeup Queens and it’s crazy cuz
I’m still good Hollywood couldn’t change me shoutout to my niggah sorry that you
couldn’t save me ain’t be cocky we just vindicated best believe that what we
done his helmet will be syndicated I don’t know if night just for mommy of
everything need to pass me up but your drinks up it’s the celebration every how
we link the weave insist everything nigga think our greatness is what we you
want to bring cup