2016 QUT Vice-Chancellor’s STEM Camp

& MAJOR EVENTS: These school holidays, science is in and we have more than 160 Year 11 students from right across Queensland participating in a STEM camp. This STEM-skills camp is all about providing
our young people, the leaders of the future, with hands-on experience in science, technology,
engineering and mathematics. [BACKGROUND MUSIC PLAYING] ON-SCREEN TITLE: 2016 Vice-Chancellor’s STEM
Camp STUDENT 1: I just thought it would be fun
like science-y thing; all of us into science and maths. STUDENT 2: I honestly thought it was going
to be like a mental Hunger Games where there were just these crazy-smart people everywhere. Everyone’s just really friendly, really nice,
and they’re pretty much all on the same level as you anyway. STUDENT 1: I think a lot of the people here
have given it [STEM] a voice and inspired us to dream big. It’s good to be reminded how big the world
is and how many options there are. STUDENT 2: QUT is like a wonderland where
you’ve just got everything you need, and I’m just really keen to learn as much as I can. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Cold Case QUT STUDENT AMBASSADOR: The students come
in and do forensic analysis over all the bones that they find and then they’re going to use
genetic analysis to determine the perpetrator of the crime. STUDENT 3: We’re solving a murder mystery. We’re looking for anthropological evidence
which is bone, DNA evidence, hair and blood, things like that. STUDENT 4: This group is Cold Case. It focuses on forensic anthropology and DNA
stuff. RAJ, YEAR 11 STUDENT: My name’s Raj, I’m from
Cold Case, and we’re investigating DNA. We are pulling out a hair to isolate the DNA
in a primer, then we’ll be analysing those leads to see whose DNA it is, and then hopefully
find the killer. STUDENT 5: Fun fact, I was admitted to the
hospital. Same day, four years straight, with appendicitis. But they didn’t remove it until the fifth
year. [laughter] ON-SCREEN TITLE: Biofabrication – 3D printing
this skull that’s got this area of bone missing. The team here today are looking at ways to
use a photogrammetry technique to create a 3D model of the skull and of the defective
tissue and then they’re going to model an implant that goes into that skull to be able
to heal that tissue. STUDENT 5: We’ve taken some photos and what
we’ve done with those photos is we’ve made a 3D model of that ear region. What we’re going to do is we’re going to try
and form that into a mould, from that mould we’re then going to try sculpt an ear. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Jenga [cheering] ON-SCREEN TITLE: UAV CHALLENGE STEVE, QUT STAFF MEMBER: Hi I’m Steve. I’m here with the QUT UAV Challenge, and we’re
trying to mimic the International Medical Express Challenge by setting up drones that
can take off, fly to markers…they then go into a search zone, where they should try
and search the ground looking for something or someone on the ground, then drop a package. STUDENT 6: So we’re just writing code to ensure
that the drone is covering all of the area, so it searches for the target. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Invisibility cloaks – Science
fiction or reality AMY, CURRENT QUT STUDENT: My name’s Amy Stringer, I’m a student here at QUT. At the moment we
are doing silver-deposition onto glass slides, so we have tiny little structures that have
been meld into the glass slides, coating them with silver, then we remove the silver to
leave the structures behind. STUDENT 7: This is QUT Careers Day. STUDENT 8: Well this week I’m working on Cold
Case. We get to work with real human bones. That’s an experience you wouldn’t get anywhere
else. STUDENT 7: Being at STEM Camp, I really blend
in and it allows me to be myself, really. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Organic electronics STUDENT 8: I think today was my favourite when we made the OEDs. And we just got to build it all, made it all
ourselves, put on all the dye, the aluminium foil and everything, and we got to see it
light up. And it was kind of like, ‘yeah, we made that’,
it’s pretty cool. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Robo-butler picking challenge QUT STUDENT AMBASSADOR: We used Python everyday to do most of our projects and we’re teaching the kids how to do movements in Baxter, and
also to detect object locations. STUDENT 2: This morning we’ve been programming
some cameras. They’re sitting there programming stuff and
I just have no idea what they’re talking about for some of it, but it’s really cool to see. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Pharmacy zombie busters STUDENT 9: This is the pharmacy zombie busters. I’m compounding a cream to protect us against
the zombie virus outbreak in Brisbane. This cream is menthol – zombies hate smelling
fresh, so this is very effective. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Mathematics for imaging and
virtual reality STUDENT 10: Toowoomba doesn’t really have
the facilities like QUT, like The Cube for example is just incredible. We have nothing like that virtual reality,
I just found it fantastic. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Feeding the future effects
of drought and salinity on legumes STUDENT 11: Our project is Feeding the future,
so we have to test out the genes and see which plants are tolerant to drought and salinity
stresses. At the moment we are extracting DNA from grass
samples and right now we’re putting it in the vortex, so we separate the DNAs from the
cells. GUEST SPEAKER: Something inside the [inaudible], that absorbs it. Yeah? Yeah, that’s cool man, totally. And that would be magic, yeah? No, it’d be science. ON-SCREEN TITLE: Robotic surgeons STUDENT 12: Today we built our robot arms
and we’re just programming it through Python. And another stage was learning the mathematics
behind it on how to control that robotic arm. STUDENT 7: Been way harder than anything
I’ve ever done. It definitely gives me the skills for difficulties
that will come in the future. NICK, YEAR 11 STUDENT: My name’s Nick and
I’m [inaudible]. STUDENT 13: Ok sorry. GROUP OF STUDENTS: We’re from Cairns. STUDENT 13: [laughing] STUDENT 14: Nerangba. STUDENTS 15 & 16: We’re from Home Hill. STUDENT 17: Toowoomba. STUDENT 18: Tannawah. HOLLY, YEAR 11 STUDENT: My name’s Holly and
I’m from Townsville. STUDENT 19: [laughing] STUDENT 19: I’m Winnie and I’m from South
Brisbane. STUDENT 20: Holland Park. STUDENT 21: Ferny Grove. STUDENT 22: Gold Coast. HARRISON, YEAR 11 STUDENT: My name’s Harison and I’m from Ipswich. STUDENT 13: I am Phoebe and I’m from Caloundra.