🔴Musical.ly Battle Musers | Collins Key vs. Devan Key

– What’s up, it’s Collins Key And for today’s video,
things are going down. Things are happening.
Gonna be an explosion– of competition. Don’t know where I was going
with the explosion part. Boy! For today’s video, I need
someone to help me out. My little brother, Devin Key. Psyche! I’m not making him appear because this is my video and this is a competition battle today. So I want to make him appear
in like the lamest way possible so, when my little brother, Devin Key. – Oh, what’s up bro! It is good to see you, gimme some– – Dab! Oh! The competition has begun. – All I want to say is,
was that intro, like, cringe video part two or
something because that was bad. – Boy. So for today’s video
we are going head to head, battling it out. Doing a musical.ly battle where you guys decide who wins
each and every single round. So make sure after every round you guys comment down below
let us know who you think won every single round. Also make sure you give
this video a thumbs up if you guys want us to do a part two to this battle where
we battle it out again, see who really wins. What are you doing? You’re like ay! Devin and I are doing a ton
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been ranting and talking. – Why don’t you take your breath. Follow me on Instagram,
Twitter and Snapchat. My SnapChat link is right there. – Mine’s right there. – And my Instagram and stuff is all down in the description below so go do it. – Now let’s get into this challenge! Ahh! Let’s try that again,
that was way too lit. Now, without any further
ado, let’s jump in and let’s battle it out musically, boy. Round number one we both
wanted to demonstrate our different styles and
we’re gonna be battling to the song “TRNDSTTR” Remember comment down below,
who you think won round one. – It’s me. It’s all me. Let’s get it. – That’s just cringey, bro. ♫ Bet you looking for something new – For round number two Devin, I think Needed Me on this one. – Ohhhh – Ohh it’s Needed Me by Rihanna. Air horns. Blau blau! – No, no. (laughs) ♫ But baby ♫ Don’t get it twisted ♫ You was just another
n$%# on the hit list ♫ Tryna fix your inner
issues with a bad bitch ♫ Didn’t they tell you that I was a savage ♫ F#$% your white horse and a carriage ♫ Bet you never could imagine – Round number three, A-B-C-D, I’m trying to think of a
clever way to introduce this. It’s Alphabet Boy round
number three, let’s do it. ♫ I’m not a little kid now ♫ Watch me get big now ♫ Spell my name on the fridge now ♫ With all your alphabet toys – For this part we are doing
Justin Bieber, “Cold Water.” because no musically
battle is ever complete without some JB up in the mix. – Is that so? – Wookie, wookie, let’s get it. ♫ And if you feel you’re
sinking, I will jump right over ♫ Into cold, cold water for you ♫ And although time may
take us into different – For round number five
we are doing Tears. Let’s go. (laughs) This is a battle bro I’m
not gonna high five you. – What? – Fine. Dab! ♫ Tears on the ground, tears on my pillow ♫ You won’t bring me down ♫ And I’ll get over you ♫ These tears will get me through – For round number six the final round no musical.ly battle would be complete with out a Jacob Sartorius
Sweatshirt battle. – Git git!
– Let’s do it. ♫ When you go to sleep at night, ♫ When you wake up in the morning ♫ And when you walk the halls ♫ See, girl, you know you wanna flaunt it ♫ Said this may be the
start of something new – Thumbs up if you want a
musical.ly battle part two, and comment down below who
won each round of the battle. I love you guys so much and
I will see you guys again very soon. Bye. (snaps finger)