Грибы в снегу. Найти и приготовить!!!

Hello everyone! Today is December 30. I’m in Ukraine right now not too far from Chernigov. New year is coming, and I’m foraging winter mushrooms. You won’t believe but mushrooms growing. Let’s find them together! Winter mushrooms start growing when the cold weather comes. Not all mushrooms are still good when it’s cold, but Flammulina velutipes, Pleurotus ostreatus, Auricularia auricula and some Jelly mushrooms grow when it’s frosty I’m talking about Flammulina velutipes it’s really a winter mushroom It grows all the winter when there is snow and frost sometimes even until May. Now the mushrooms are frozen and I need to break them off from log Here is Flammulina velutipes. It has a velvet steam and pale gills These mushrooms are absolutely fresh and absolutely fine. It has some antifreezing agent that keeps these mushrooms fresh. It is very interesting to forage Flammulina velutipes in the snow because these mushrooms look like some orange lights. There is one the most serious problem in the winter foraging it becomes dark too early. It’s not even 3 PM yet but it’s already pretty dark. Here is more Flammulina in the snow. I found them on the robinia tree stump. Many people ask me, what kind of trees Flammmulina velutipes grows on. I want to say I forage it on different trees, but only on deciduous ones I saw people talking that found Flammulina velutipes on conifer trees But I never did. I forage this mushroom on ash-leaved maple, aspen, elder, like now, on robinia. These are different trees, but all of them are deciduous. I can’t brake it, I need a knife. I think, I will continue tomorrow. I saw Pleurotus ostretus in my yard. Let’s go to cut them and start cooking. We can cook something with these mushrooms or we can add them to some another dish. They are very tasty and very useful mushrooms. Here is a mulberry stump And you see Pleurotus ostreatus on it. It’s an Oyster mushroom exactly the one that people forage before it’s too cold. However this mushroom also grows in the snow. You see, this is actually Pleurotus ostreatus The gills of this mushroom are attached to the stem and this cap is gray. It’s a good and tasty mushroom even after being frozen. I will cook beans with Flammulina velutipes with fried mushrooms It’s a very interesting and very hearty winter dish. The dish is ready I think, it’s a very good winter dish. beans with mushrooms I think, it’s a very aromatic dish. But only for the ones who likes beans, of course))) So yammy! Crispy mushrooms together with soft beans make this dish absolutely delicious. If you like videos of that format, you can subscribe to my channel. And you can click on the little bell to receive notifications. We will meet again there will be lots of interesting things!